A Comprehensive Guide on How to Ring Multiple Users during Inbound Calls


In the fast-paced world of sales and business, it is crucial to have a system in place that ensures maximum coverage for attending to inbound calls. HighLevel, a leading platform for marketing automation and customer communication, understands this and has introduced an innovative feature called Ring All. This feature allows the forwarding of inbound calls to multiple users simultaneously, promoting a competitive environment within sales teams and ensuring prompt response to customer queries.

Ring All: The Ultimate Solution for Inbound Call Management

With the advent of Ring All, HighLevel has revolutionized the way inbound calls are handled by businesses. Gone are the days of missed calls and frustrated customers. By enabling the Ring All feature, companies can route incoming calls to up to eight different people at the same time. This ensures that the phone is answered promptly, leaving no room for missed opportunities or unhappy customers.

Maximizing Sales Team Efficiency

One of the greatest advantages of Ring All is the promotion of a competitive environment within sales teams. By simultaneously forwarding calls to multiple team members, HighLevel fosters a sense of urgency and healthy competition among salespeople. Each team member strives to be the first to answer the call, resulting in prompt and efficient customer service.

Seamless Integration and Customization

HighLevel understands that user preferences may vary, and thus, it offers a range of options for call routing. Users can customize their settings to receive calls either through the mobile app or web app, depending on their availability. This flexibility allows team members to answer calls from their preferred devices, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication experience.

Additional Benefits of Ring All

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, Ring All offers several other benefits to users.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: By ensuring that calls are answered promptly, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Better Call Management: Ring All provides businesses with an efficient system to manage inbound calls, ensuring that no call is left unanswered.

  • Improved Sales Performance: With the competitive environment created by Ring All, sales teams are motivated to perform better, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

  • Quick Response Time: By forwarding calls to multiple users, HighLevel’s Ring All feature ensures a quick response time, preventing customers from waiting for extended periods.

In conclusion, HighLevel’s Ring All feature is a game-changer in the realm of inbound call management. By facilitating simultaneous call forwarding to multiple users, it promotes efficiency, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction. The customizable options for call routing further enhance the user experience. With Ring All, businesses can streamline their communication processes, guarantee prompt customer service, and ultimately boost their sales performance.