Automated Agency Report Updated Unread Conversations + Overdue Tasks! 1

Hey happy Wednesday everybody Sean Coming at you from high levels so I am Super excited about this today because We are launching an enhancement to a Great feature that we have already in The app so here's the deal we have this Amazing report that you can schedule That goes out to your clients Automatically every X like weekly daily Monthly whatever and really shows them The amazing work that you're doing for Them and so today we're going to launch An enhancement for that but before I get Into that let me give you a quick Backstory so I had a prior SAS product Called English Sherpa it reminded people That they had past due in like reminded On behalf of companies reminded their Customers that they owe them money and I Had a little pay button and a lot of Them pay them and it was radically Successful for the customers it would Actually collect literally hundreds of Thousands of dollars not kidding in a Month for people but what was weird when I first started is people would come in Sign up for the app it was like super Cheap I don't know it was like 49 bucks For 19 bucks or I don't even remember What but it would collect like 100 Grand And then that person would cancel at the End of the month and I'd be like what The heck man I just you know I charge You 19 that's 100 Grand and that's like

You're canceling are you crazy so so and Then I would call them up and I would Tell them that and they would say but I Had no idea right so they would say I Didn't realize that you were doing that And it really dawned on me wait a second I'm just not telling these people I've Created a job I'm doing that's why they Don't recognize it right so I created This thing called the weekly success Report it went out every week and guess What it showed them how much money I was Collecting and also how much work I was Doing because sometimes you know maybe You don't collect all that money in one Week or whatever it is but you're Sending out like reminders and you're Doing work that would save them a lot of Labor and a lot of time point is is when It went out Boom turn gone see you later Uh sayonara nobody ever turned again it Was awesome and really what we're doing Here is bringing the same power to you So this report is really simple it goes Out to your clients it's scheduled it's Automated it's branded for you and now Today we're adding two new metrics to it One is overdue tasks and the other is Number of unread conversations and so Check this out you can choose which Items go into the email you can Customize that that's awesome and then Look at this amazing email it goes out To your clients the blue box is just to

Highlight what we've got today you can See that it's branded it'll be branded For you and it will do the same thing For you that it did for me which will Show your clients the amazing job that You're doing it's automatic which is Great so you don't have to do the work And you'll see a huge reduction in churn I promise you so anyways go check this Out I believe it's on the SAS plan only Um I will drop the help doc so you can Check and take a look at it otherwise I'll hear of an amazing Wednesday and we Will talk soon thanks