Becoming His Own Boss: Jason Stogsdill’s Journey as an Agency Owner – Traffic Syndicate Interview Series


Hey there! I’m Jason Stogsdill, and let me tell you, my journey from an aspiring actor to owning a thriving media buying agency has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Buckle up and join me as I share how I became my own boss and the mastermind behind Traffic Syndicate.

Transitioning from Aspiring Actor to Digital Marketing Expert

I always had a flair for the dramatic, dreaming of gracing the big screen with my presence. Acting was my passion, my calling, or so I thought. However, as I navigated the unpredictable waters of Hollywood, I realized that the spotlight wasn’t where my true talents lay. It was time to pivot, to embrace a new challenge and forge a different path for myself.

  • Embracing Change: Saying goodbye to auditions and hello to online marketing.
  • Finding My Niche: Discovering the exciting world of media buying and the power of targeted advertising.

Utilizing Free Social Media Traffic to Build a Successful Agency

With a newfound focus on digital marketing, I dove headfirst into mastering the art of leveraging social media platforms to drive organic traffic. Through dedication, grit, and a sprinkle of creativity, I transformed my passion into a profitable business venture.

  • Social Media Savvy: Harnessing the potential of platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Building Momentum: Cultivating a strong online presence and engaging with a broader audience.
  • Sealing the Deal: Converting likes and shares into tangible leads and revenue.


So there you have it, folks! From chasing Hollywood dreams to conquering the digital marketing realm, my story is a testament to the power of perseverance and adaptability. Becoming my own boss wasn’t just about calling the shots; it was about embracing change, seizing opportunities, and carving out a niche in a competitive landscape.

Join me next time for more insider insights and behind-the-scenes antics in the Traffic Syndicate Interview Series. Stay tuned, stay curious, and who knows, you might just discover your own path to entrepreneurial success!

Hope you found my journey inspiring and insightful. Remember, the sky’s the limit when you dare to dream big and hustle hard! So, what’s your next big adventure going to be?