Customize Your Mobile App Easily with HighLevel’s White Label Mobile App Customizer

I am excited to share with you how I was able to easily customize my mobile app using HighLevel’s White Label Mobile App Customizer. This amazing tool allowed me to personalize every aspect of my app to align with my branding and vision. With just a few clicks, I was able to modify the layout, colors, and even add my own logo. The best part? I didn’t need any coding experience to do it! Join me as I walk you through the simple steps of customizing your mobile app using HighLevel’s user-friendly interface. Let’s make your app uniquely yours!

Customize Your Mobile App Easily with HighLevel’s White Label Mobile App Customizer


As a business owner, it’s crucial to have a mobile app that reflects your brand’s identity and provides a seamless user experience. HighLevel, a leading marketing and CRM platform, offers a powerful solution for customizing mobile apps with their White Label Mobile App Customizer. In this review, I will cover the various features and benefits of HighLevel’s mobile app customization options.

HighLevel’s Mobile App Variations

HighLevel offers three variations of their mobile app: HighLevel-branded, LeadConnector, and White Label. While the HighLevel-branded app and LeadConnector serve their purpose, the White Label app provides the most customization options. With the White Label app, you can personalize the app to perfectly match your brand’s look and feel.

Understanding the Webinar

In a recent webinar, Chase Buckner, a HighLevel expert, provided an in-depth overview of the app, its benefits, updates, and customization options. The webinar is a valuable resource for understanding the full potential of HighLevel’s White Label Mobile App Customizer. Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, this webinar will help you make the most out of your mobile app customization journey.

Getting Started with HighLevel’s White Label App

If you’re looking to start a mobile app for your business, HighLevel’s White Label app is the way to go. By customizing the app with your brand’s colors, logo, and design, you create a seamless experience for your users. The app’s features, combined with HighLevel’s powerful CRM and marketing tools, make it a comprehensive solution for managing your business on the go.

LeadConnector vs. HighLevel App

It’s worth noting that there is no difference between the LeadConnector app and the HighLevel-branded app. Both versions offer the same functionality and features. However, if customization is a priority for you, the White Label app is the best choice.

Managing Contacts, Conversations, Pipelines, and Reputation

The regular mobile app from HighLevel allows you to perform various actions to manage your business effectively. From managing contacts and conversations to organizing pipelines and handling reputation management, the mobile app provides a user-friendly interface to stay on top of your business operations.

Correlating Mobile App Usage with Client Retention

One of the significant advantages of using HighLevel’s mobile app is its positive correlation with user engagement and client retention. By providing a convenient platform for managing business communication and operations, the mobile app keeps your clients engaged and satisfied. This, in turn, leads to higher client retention rates and improved business performance.

What’s New in the Latest App Update (Version 3.49)

HighLevel regularly updates its mobile app to provide users with the latest features and enhancements. The most recent update, Version 3.49, introduces several exciting additions to the app. Here are some highlights of the update:

  1. Revamped Conversations: The new conversations feature offers a more streamlined and intuitive interface for managing client communication.

  2. New Dashboard: The updated dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your business metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions.

  3. Upgraded Notifications: With improved notifications, you can stay updated with important events and actions in real-time.

  4. Recurring Invoices: Simplify your billing process with the ability to generate recurring invoices.

  5. Multilingual Support: HighLevel’s mobile app now supports multiple languages, catering to a diverse user base.


HighLevel’s White Label Mobile App Customizer provides a seamless solution for businesses looking to customize their mobile app. With the ability to brand the app to match your company’s identity, you can create a unique user experience for your clients. Combined with HighLevel’s powerful CRM and marketing tools, the mobile app offers a comprehensive solution for businesses on the go.


  1. Can I customize the White Label app with my brand’s logo and colors?

Yes, HighLevel’s White Label Mobile App Customizer allows you to personalize the app with your brand’s logo, colors, and design.

  1. How does the White Label app differ from the HighLevel-branded app?

The White Label app offers more customization options than the HighLevel-branded app, allowing you to tailor the app to your brand’s identity.

  1. Is there any difference between LeadConnector and the HighLevel app?

No, both versions offer the same functionality and features. The only difference lies in the customization options available.

  1. What actions can I perform using the regular mobile app?

The regular mobile app allows you to manage contacts, conversations, pipelines, and reputation management.

  1. How does the mobile app contribute to client retention?

By providing a convenient platform for managing business operations and communication, the mobile app enhances user engagement, leading to higher client retention rates.