Easily Create a Clickbank Sales Funnel Using Kartra

Easily Create a Clickbank Sales Funnel Using Kartra

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Are you interested in selling Clickbank products as an affiliate marketer? Using a sales funnel is a good option. In this video, I share how you can do everything that you need in one place using Kartra.

Create an email list, sales funnel, and autoresponder messages without having to pay for separate software to do so.

I began testing out Kartra after creating a video highlighting its affiliate program (watch here: https://youtu.be/bmWUkYZ50X8) and realized how awesome the platform really is.

In terms of Kartra’s competitors such as Clickfunnels, Kartra provides more features at its starter plan versus what Clickfunnels requires an upgrade to access.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to drive traffic to your sales funnel in order for it to be effective. I recommend creating a niche blog and YouTube channel to help drive traffic to your funnel.


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Are you ready to start your own sales funnel to sell Clickbank products?
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0:00 – What will be covered
0:54 – Choosing a Clickbank product
2:53 – What Kartra is
3:32 – Katra pricing compared to Clickfunnels
5:02 – Begin the Kartra sales funnel tutorial
5:13 – Set up a list
5:53 – Set up your funnel
8:07 – Create a form
12:26 – Insert form into your funnel
13:51 – Adding a custom domain
14:20 – Creating your lead magnet
16:06 – Using email swipes
16:58 – Setting up a sequence in Kartra (autoresponder)
19:42 – Getting traffic to your funnel
21:20 – Closing thoughts

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