Free Credit Policy and ☎️ Enhancements!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level this one's a Quick one so free credit policy and Enhancements this is for the LC phone System so we've made a couple of uh Really cool enhancements here uh free Credit utilization and here's what you Need to know okay so there are these Credits that are exclusively for SMS Usage and cannot be used on any other Products such as LC email content AI Etc Credits can only be used uh before the Agency is connected to either LC and Then once the free credits are used uh The section will like disappear this was These free credits were already there It's just a small enhancement to make The UI there uh and just kind of the Flow a little bit better a couple of Other improvements the from number Mismatch from for outbound calls we Found that calls were being placed from Different numbers instead of the number Assigned to the logged in user but no Need to worry that we've uh we fixed This uh verified caller ID when Configuring a number on the phone Numbers page the info text of the Feature previously stated need this text Here we fixed that and then some Compliance email content so anyways Super small change but I did want to get A video out on it just so you know and I'll see you in the next one thanks