GOHIGHLEVEL Training – Full Step by Step Walkthrough – Go High Level Tutorial

GOHIGHLEVEL Training  - Full Step by Step Walkthrough - Go High Level Tutorial

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This is a true Gohighlevel COMPLETE TRAINING on Go High Level, not another Go HighLevel Tutorial to buy a course. I go through everything you need to know to be successful in Go High Level.

Everything you want to know about Go HighLevel is in this Gohighlevel tutorial.
▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 Intro
0:35 Free 14 Day Trial
1:27 What is Go High Level
3:09 Capture Leads, Manage and Nurture Leads
8:16 Create Amazing GoHighLevel Websites
10:32 AI Chatbot
13:59 How Does Go HighLevel Compare
15:30 Behind the Scenes of Go High Level
16:14 Setting Up Agency in Go High Level
16:59 Agency Settings
18:43 Whitelabel Settings
20:51 GoHighLevel Affiliate Program
21:40 Go HighLevel Marketplace
22:23 Setting up a New Account in Go High Level
26:45 Go High Level Launchpad
29:43 Opportunities
36:03 How to Setup Go High Level Pipelines
40:58 Adding Phone Numbers
41:44 Setting up Calendars
47:58 Adding Domains to Go High Level
50:34 Adding Website to GoHighLevel
57:25 How to Create Workflows in Go High Level

Contact me or leave a comment below if your interested in our new Go High Level Masterclass.

Go High Level is an incredible lifesaver for many agencies reducing the time and headaches to build an incredible lead platform with complete automation.

I will walk you through the process of setting up a complete campaign. For my 14 day free trial with no obligation go to: https://www.gohighlevel.com/main-page?fp_ref=paarmedia

I show you everything from settings to Go High Level Workflows. This is a complete GoHighLevel Review and Gohighlevel Review.

Contact me or leave a comment below if your interested in our new Go High Level Masterclass.

Also, reach out to me and I will help you get set up if you purchase through this link.

Steps to Getting Started:
Create Account
• Click “Add Account” button
• Enter/Find client or add manually if you can’t find them
• Select “Industry Template – Coach” snapshot from Snapshots dropdown
• Fill out client info
• Save
Configure General Settings Tab:
• Switch into new client account Switch To An Account Dropdown at top
• Settings, Company tab
• Add Company Logo
• Set company email
• Confirm time zone is correct
Setup Twilio Phone Number:
• Settings, Phone Number Tab Add Number
• Create New Number
• Be sure to enter & save the “call forwarding number” the main office number
• Turn on call recording and call recording notification message
Build A Funnel
• Watch Onboarding Video 3: Building Funnels
• Set up the URL path for each funnel and page
• In the Discovery Call Funnell, be sure to set the form button used in the Pop Up to direct to either the Booking Page or Thank You Page.

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