Google Sheets Action Update Lookup Row Bottom to Top Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level today is like Christmas today for me Um because I the release notes channel Is full of awesome amazing stuff so Check this out so um this one is gonna Be on the Google Sheets action look up Spreadsheet row so we now have a new Select field search method why because Users weren't able to search Spreadsheets from bottom to top it was Limited only from top to bottom so the Use case here is getting the most recent Entry so for example invoicing tickets Logging Etc so how besides the worksheet Uh worksheet select you can now use uh Select the search method uh defaulted Top to bottom and with a new Option Bottom to top so when bottom to top is Selected and we're performing the lookup We'll fetch the values in the desired Column and perform the search from the Last uh to the first returning the Correct row that matches the lookup Right so essentially this is the idea That we have okay so a couple things so We have a Google Sheets action that lets You do stuff in Google Sheets in the Workflow and if you haven't seen that Check it out in the help box it's there Now this is one of the situations where What you're trying to do right is you're Trying actually look up a spreadsheet Row in the sheet because you want to

Update it but a lot of times you maybe You want to do it in reverse order right Because maybe you're going sequentially Like I don't know let's say in time like From oldest to newest and the newest is At the bottom and so when you do the Lookup you want to start at the bottom To do the lookup so that as you do the Lookup from the bottom all the way up You're going to grab the latest versus If you went the other way you grab the Oldest right so that's what this fixes And so there's a dock on this I'll post It up but you could well you see right Here as you can see when you do the Select search order here's what's new Now um so that's out um for those of you Are using the action you'll totally get Exactly what's up and actually the Easiest way to get to the docks by the Way is literally just go and hit up hit the change log Here and then you'll drop into the stock And you'll see all of that so anyways Hope all of you have an amazing Tuesday And I'll see in the next video thanks