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[Music] Thank you Hi this is Simon Liang back with Groove Live if you join us live give us the Hashtag live if you join us on the Replay give us a hashtag replay now over The past week and a half or so we've Been talking all about the groove AI Launch hopefully you've been there with Us along for the ride as much as Possible if not I do want to invite you To go to a couple of places number one Is our YouTube channel where you will be Able to see the replays the recordings Whatever you want to call it the live Versions of the actual live streams that We've actually done they have been Recorded down for you so that you can Actually see what has been going on what Has been announced and all the cool Things that you may have missed over the Past week or so all these things by the Way we'll get you into the running some Strategies great tips on how to get well Do well on the actual Groove launch Um all the amazing things including Swipe files promotional tools you name It all these things were life right over Here so so this is the first place we Want to invite you to go to you can see We actually did a challenge last week as Well so you're not going to want to miss The replay of that that one was close to Two hours in length but it was mostly

Content mostly training showing you how To train chat gbt how you can use it for Affiliate marketing so of course if you Want to invest your time to actually be Watching that and learning that you're Highly highly recommended to do so Another place that you can find us is Right here inside of our Facebook group As you can see we have a lot of action That is going on once you go to the Video section you will see some of the Replays of the previous uh Groove lines Are training our live challenge they're All over here as well so make sure that You are here and that you uh subscribe That you like our channels that you turn On your notifications join all of our Groups because that's where all the cool Things are going to be happening as well Now over the past week or so we have Been sharing with you all about move AI The launch details as well as the case Studies and especially if you want to Learn more about how you can maximize Your results as well we've shared with You how you can take a look at some of The case studies that you can also Promote at the same time now one page That is not in the JV promotional tools That I want to invite you to go to is Groov.ai forward slash case hyphen case Hyphen study hyphen six let me go ahead And show you that on the screen right Now so that you can go there yourself

Groov.ai forward slash case hyphen study Hyphen 6 because for all the different Ones that we've been showing you they've Basically been case study and then case Study two case study three case study 4 Case study five when you go to case Study six the way that it is spelled out On the screen you're gonna see that this Is actually a single page that includes All of the different case studies Okay so it's an amazing place for you to Be able to come here and check it out And get everything all in one place not Only for yourself and especially if You're still in the running you're Looking for a reason to upgrade to Become a backer to become a Groove AI Backer and become a part of the family Right you can see that this page is also Designed for you introducing groove.ai Watch below to become a backer today Attention all digital marketers which I Presume is each and every single one of You who's watching us right here right Now aik study on how to unlock the Secrets of AI enhanced marketing do you Want to learn these secrets exposed and Unlocked by Mike fulsing himself if you Do type in Secrets inside of the Comments because these case studies are Going to transform your chat GPT results From Bland to extraordinary discover Magic prompts that Skyrocket conversions And drive cells do you think that Groove

And groove a I know what they're talking About Just so that you know in the last few Weeks alone Groove AI a brand new Company a brand new entity a brand new Project has already become a million Dollar business so with that maybe you Can decide on your own and check it out For yourself whether or not this is Something that you can learn from if you Want to entrust the experts here at Group and learn from them suggest Mr Mike full same himself our fearless Leader led by him this entire initiative This is something that you as well will Be able to replicate as long as you are Um you know along along those same lines Of watching these case studies learning From them implementing what we've Learned and so much for it okay so come Over here to groov.ai before slash case Hyphen study hyphen 6 come and check out This first case study over here learn About the magic prompts there's going to Be some additional resources over here That you can download as well plus all The other case studies that show you how To to them uh how to do amazing things Like you know operating Your businesses using the power of AI How we here at Groove we're able to Create all of our campaigns using Nothing but artificial intelligence how It can revolutionize your entire

Marketing strategy to boost your sales As well as your conversions how you can Streamline your content creation process How you can learn how to use groov AI Itself use it to make Chachi BT even Better and so much more so with all of That make sure once again you come over Here to groove.ai for slash case hyphen Study hyphen six take advantage of this Particular page to not only learn from It yourself but also promote it if you Want keep in mind the JV contest is Still up and running if you are also Still in the running to become one of The top JV Partners I want to invite you To go to groov.ai for slash JV once Again that's Groov.ai4 slash JV and once you come to Groove.ai forward slash Chevy you will See that this page has now been updated With many of the latest in terms of what Is the newest what's the latest what Else you can be promoting over here you Know you still have obviously the chance To earn huge commissions with 40 Um for every single cell that you make Watch this video that was just recently Posted one or two days ago by Mr Mike Phillips saying check out this video Learn all about the Mind mapping stuff All about the crazy things behind the Scenes so that you will be able to you Know maximize your earnings as well Scroll down to learn more about the

Launch itself the calendar Is right over here Um in that video and if you want to Check out the actual calendar itself Um you can see today we are right about Over here so there's about one week left In this actual launch we've been doing This for about a week and a half already But the good news is there's still a Chance there's still hope there's still A lot of cool things that you can be Doing over the next week to continue to Promote continue to share continue to Tell people about the replays the live Encores all the different promotional Tools by the way that have been created For you right over here already Yesterday if you somehow missed it go Back and watch the replay we shared with You not just how you can grab the Affiliate links for all of these Different promotional pages but we also Showed you how you can take advantage of The swipe files the Articles the banners The thank you page s logout page has all These things that by the way are done For you already as you can see right now By the way every time that you click in It looks like there's always new content That we can add in so this is to be sent On the 18th cents on the 19th cents on The 20th and then there's also some Brand new Evergreen replay email uh Swipes that you can add in into your

Sequences or broadcast however you want This is definitely some state of the art Work that you do not want to miss out on All professionally done by the groove Team and of course all designed to help You generate more sales do you want to Generate more sales if you do type in Sales in other comments but not only That in addition to sales you can also For the remaining week that we have left Here in this launch have the ability to Win one of the potential prizes that's Been given away To some of the top JV Partners as well So scroll down you can see uh first Place gets the Apple Pro experience Bundle but it doesn't stop there because All these additional prizes they go all The way down to number 19 I believe you Also get a group that will scroll down To check out the leadership board this Is definitely something that you don't Want to miss out on because uh it's a Huge opportunity for you to to earn and Also win some prizes at the same time Are you in it to win it if you are type In win inside of the comments lots of Great things lots of amazing things lots Of additional content that is to be Shared with you very very soon so stay Tuned make sure you don't miss out on Any of our updates and just to let you Know we do plan to have even more Challenges more mini courses and more

Live training this week as well as next Week so you're gonna want to make sure That you're subscribed and turning on All your notifications so that you don't Miss anything else and by the way Just to share with you one exciting Thing that's coming up we do have plans For an upcoming training on the topic of AI for SEO to maximize your groove AI Promotions are you interested in that if You are do me a favor do two things Number one type in SEO inside of the Comments and number two if you are Interested just reach out to me and let Me know so that we don't miss you in the Comments we don't uh somehow not able to Contact you because you're contacting Us On YouTube and we don't know how to get In get a hold of you or not reach out to Either myself or anyone On the team let us know how it is that We can be helping you Um with the AI for SEO stuff because This is going to be an invitation that You don't want to miss and for those of You who are joining us just like Mr Vijay over here make sure that you do Leave comments inside the chat so that We can interact with you we can continue To Um engage with you answer any questions That you might have and of course get to Know you like you trust you give you all Kinds of bonuses and resources

Invitations to upcoming events you do Want bonuses right if you do type in Bonuses inside of comments so with that We're going to have more along the way In the next couple of days as well from What I understand Mr Michaelson is also Planning on coming on live as well very Very soon so stay tuned right here on Groove live because once we find out Anything about that you will be amongst The first to know okay so on behalf of The entire Groove committee and myself We do want to thank you appreciate you Show you gratitude for joining us right Here today until next time take action Right now let us know if you have any Questions and as always we'll see you Right back here on the inside cheers Folks we'll catch you on the next one Foreign [Music]

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