HighLevel: Send based on contact timezone in workflows!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so today I Walked into the office and it was Awesome so it's like I have these days Where it's like you know I look at the Release of Channel and I see something That I didn't even expect to be there That's nominal and so today was one of Those days and so check this out this is What happened so normally in a workflow Here's what happens if you have an Action that's scheduled to go out at a Specific time like you can say like Don't send this until 8am like good Example here would be like let's say you Want to send an email like see this Right here this is our February 2023 Mastermind abandoned card sequence and What we do here is like if you don't buy The ticket for the event which sold out By the way so this definitely worked but Let's say I want to send this nurture Email at a particular time I can say all Right cool actually what I want to do is Put a weight step in here and I really Want to wait until a specific time so That X minutes not X hours but you can Say boom I want an advanced window and I Want to say okay I'm going to send this At 8am right so down boom sweet but Normally the problem here is that this Is at the in the locations time zone not Anything else but today don't worry Because that change changes because

Here's how you really want it to work Right so you have all these people Coming in my 8 AM maybe not be your 8 am Right because different time zones so Now if you go under settings you can see Right here it says time zone and it says Account time zone but now it says Contact time zone that's right so you Can actually have it uh uh take the Contacts time zone into account and send At their 8 am right so you can do this For all kinds of as you can see right Here weight steps and time window Executions will proceed based on this Time zone right and so you can see right Here you have a time window up here and You have weight stops in the in the Workflow so you can do this either at The workflow level or you can do it at The step level which is awesome so the Team really crushed this I was I'm so Super excited to see this anyways jump In check it out I hope you're all having An amazing Friday and we will talk soon Thanks

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