HighLevel: Small Updates UI library internationalization & workflow bug fixes!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so we got two Updates today while we get one like a Little mix of updates and then one like Sort of larger update so anyways um just Heads up real quick just wanted to show This to you so the UI library that we're Developing on the back end um what's Really cool about it I've been telling All of you hey it's about being International and kind of like better UI Better ux but also I'm preparing for Internationalization what's so cool is Check this out they added language Support today for German Spanish French Portuguese and Italian now that doesn't Mean the entire app has not been Translated into that it means that where We've used those components that has Started to become translated which is Very very cool so that's number one Number two uh added a drop down tree Component into the UI Library that's Awesome and then some uh bug fixes uh on The workflow you can see here uh in Terms of uh uh like if else condition Fixes an inbound web hook trigger so Just kind of a sort of a smattering of Small things but important things wanted To let you know just so you can see Progress Um and I'll see you in the next video Thanks

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