How To Load Snapshots to a Sub Account

Foreign [Music] Hey everyone Welcome to our quick Tutorial and for today I'm going to show You how to load a snapshot into a sub Account So first off you need to be on your Agency view or the on the agency level Then go to sub accounts Then look for the account where you're Going to load the snapshot onto so they Can see let's uh choose this one and Then if you see the three dots here just Click on that Click on manage client And then on the upper right you'll see The actions button click on that and You'll see load snapshot So from here you'll see a box wherein It's going to ask you which Snapchat You're going to use or you're going to Load onto the sub account so let's say That we're going to use this snapshot So click on proceed And then it's going to show all the Assets found linked to this particular Snapshot so if you can see there are 25 Inside calendars 227 inside campaigns Custom fields and so on So if you wish to copy all of it then You can just select all and proceed if Not if you are just going to load Um a particular asset for example just The calendars doesn't you can just go

Ahead and click skip And then select all four calendars so You can also expand the calendars here By clicking on the plus sign and you'll See all the calendars that are inside So let's say that also would like to Skip some of it so it can just click on Those if you wanted to skip and then you Can just leave selected those that you Wanted to put into the sub account so Let's say that we're just going to Choose this particular calendar we're Just going to load that calendar So Let's just click on skip So that we can just specifically add This particular calendar so let's say as You can see it says select And then I'll click on proceed It's then going to check for any Conflicts So it says there are no conflicts Detected because it's going to check if That particular asset is already inside That sub account so if it's not then it Will show no conflicts detected there is A conflict that was detected you can Also try to override it so that means That if you're adding into the sub Account is the more updated one then you Can just override it so for now since There are no conflicts detected we can Just click Skip and then proceed So after that you'll see that it's going

To copy the data and we'll send a Notification what once it's complete and Then you can just hit OK So afterwards you can just click on Switch the sub account In order for you to see if the calendar Or the asset that you're trying to put Into the sub account is already within The sub account so sometimes if there Are a lot of assets that you're trying To copy into the account may take some Time But if there's just a few usually it's Uh real time So that's it that's how you copy or load A snapshot into a sub account if you Have any other questions don't hesitate To ask thank you so much have a good day Thanks for watching this short how-to Video for more how-to videos check out The 2023 how to playlist in the go high Level YouTube channel [Music] Foreign [Music]