Infrastructure Update: Experience Unprecedented Speed and Scalability

Infrastructure Update: Experience Unprecedented Speed and Scalability


In this review, we will delve into one of the most remarkable video releases by HighLevel, showcasing their latest infrastructure update that promises an unparalleled user experience, immense cost savings, and unrivaled scalability. With a focus on optimizing the elasticsearch technology, the infrastructure team at HighLevel has achieved extraordinary results. This article will explore the impressive improvements made to CPU utilization and insertion rate, and how they translate into a seamless experience for users.

HighLevel’s Incredible Achievements

The HighLevel infrastructure team has truly outdone themselves with their recent updates. They successfully optimized the elasticsearch technology, resulting in a substantial reduction in CPU utilization during peak times. From previously skyrocketing at 90, it has now been magnificently tamed to a mere 50. This 40% decrease in CPU utilization not only ensures a more stable system, but it also significantly contributes to a smoother user experience.

But that’s not all! The infrastructure team didn’t stop there; they further enhanced the insertion rate, effectively improving it from 25,000-28,000 records per second to a jaw-dropping 60,000 records per second. This phenomenal 140% improvement directly translates into faster operations and increased productivity for HighLevel’s users.

Unparalleled User Experience

HighLevel’s infrastructure update has had a profound impact on the user experience. With the optimized elasticsearch technology, users can now navigate the platform seamlessly, with reduced latency and improved response times. The reduced CPU utilization ensures that the system remains stable even during peak hours, avoiding any interruptions or slowdowns. HighLevel customers can now access their data instantaneously, without any hiccups, making their workflow more efficient and productive.

Cost Savings and Scalability

The enhancements implemented by HighLevel’s infrastructure team prove to be a game-changer not just in terms of user experience but also in terms of cost savings and scalability. By reducing CPU utilization and improving insertion rates, HighLevel has efficiently utilized their resources, ultimately saving on operational costs. With an optimized system, HighLevel can handle larger volumes of data without compromising on performance, ensuring scalability for the company as it continues to grow.


HighLevel’s infrastructure update unveiling unprecedented speed and scalability is undoubtedly a milestone in their journey towards making the platform more efficient and user-friendly. The optimized elasticsearch technology, responsible for reducing CPU utilization and accelerating insertion rates, has transformed the user experience, resulting in smoother operations and improved responsiveness. Furthermore, with these enhancements, HighLevel enables cost savings and scalability, making it a desirable choice for businesses of all sizes. HighLevel’s commitment to pushing boundaries in delivering top-notch performance is evident through the remarkable achievements showcased in this video update.

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