Internationalisation of Sidebar Live! 🌍

I am delighted to share with you the exciting news about the internationalization of Sidebar Live! 🌍 This milestone not only marks a significant step forward for our platform but also highlights our commitment to reaching a global audience. Join me as we dive into the details of this expansion and explore the incredible opportunities it brings. Let’s embark on this journey together and celebrate the ever-growing reach of Sidebar Live!

Internationalisation of Sidebar Live! 🌍


I am excited to announce that the left-hand sidebar has now been internationalised, making our app more accessible to users from around the world. Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the sidebar is now available in multiple languages, providing a seamless browsing experience for all. In this article, I will share with you the details of this significant improvement and the efforts put into achieving it.

Internationalisation of the Left-hand Sidebar

The internal parts of the app have been internationalised, with the exception of the left-hand sidebar. This was a crucial aspect that needed attention, considering it is one of the most frequently used features by our users. We understood the importance of making it accessible to everyone and prioritised its internationalisation.

The team did an exceptional job in internationalising the left-hand sidebar, ensuring that it is now language-friendly and easy to use for all users. This improvement will considerably enhance the user experience by eliminating language barriers and allowing individuals from various backgrounds to navigate our app effortlessly.

Checking the Release Note

To access the release note detailing this significant update, head over to our website You can find the release note in the changelog section, where you will find comprehensive information about all the changes and improvements made to our app. This will give you a clear understanding of the steps taken towards internationalisation.

Alternatively, you can click on the speaker icon located in the top right corner of the app. This icon not only enables you to view the release note but also provides you with audio assistance, making it easier for users with visual impairments to stay informed.

Areas Still Being Worked On

While the left-hand sidebar has been successfully internationalised, some parts of the app, such as the settings, still need to undergo the same process. The team is committed to completing the internationalisation of these remaining areas, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Additionally, the team is actively working on a solution to internationalise the login page based on the browser’s language string. This will provide users with a personalised experience by automatically adapting to their preferred language.

Improved Usability and Accessibility

The progress made in the internationalisation of the sidebar is truly commendable. Not only does it promote inclusivity, but it also enhances the overall usability of our app. By eliminating language barriers, we aim to provide equal opportunities to all users, regardless of their native language.

We believe that this improvement will have a positive impact on our user base, allowing individuals from different regions and cultures to fully utilise our app’s features and functionalities. It is another step forward towards creating a more inclusive and user-friendly environment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the default language of the left-hand sidebar?
    Currently, the default language of the left-hand sidebar is English. However, users can easily switch to their preferred language using the language settings.

  2. Will the internationalisation of the sidebar affect its functionality?
    No, the internationalisation process does not impact the functionality of the sidebar. It is solely aimed at making it accessible in multiple languages without compromising its features.

  3. How often will the release notes be updated?
    We strive to provide regular updates to keep our users informed about the latest changes and improvements. The release notes will be updated with each new version of the app.

  4. Can I change the language of the sidebar anytime?
    Yes, you can change the language of the sidebar at any time. Simply navigate to the language settings and select your preferred language from the available options.

  5. Is the login page internationalised?
    Currently, the login page is not fully internationalised. However, the team is actively working on a solution to make it more language-friendly based on the browser’s language string.


The internationalisation of the left-hand sidebar marks a significant milestone in our efforts to create an inclusive and accessible app. With the hard work and dedication of our team, we have successfully made the sidebar available in multiple languages, allowing users from around the world to enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

We are committed to continuing this journey of internationalisation, ensuring that our app is truly global and accessible to all. We invite you to explore the updated sidebar features and settings, and experience the improved usability and functionality that comes with it. Together, we are building a more connected and inclusive digital world.