Introducing the Latest Form Builder Design, Now Live on Labs!


In the world of online businesses, forms play a vital role in communication between customers and companies. They take a variety of forms—such as contact forms, registration forms, and sign-up forms—and are essential tools in data collection. As a result, High Level has revamped their form builder and the new UI and UX is now live on Labs!

What’s New

The new form builder layout is a significant improvement on the old one, with a revamped UI and UX. The new Designer tool has been added to the left side of the builder, while the style and design options are now on the right side. It is incredibly easy to use and intuitive, even for novices. As a result, businesses can now create stunning, advanced forms.

Major bug fixes

Performance and usability have been substantially improved with a number of major bug fixes. It is now much easier to preview your forms, while the integration process has been streamlined. One of the most thrilling aspects of the new form builder is that it can be used on all your existing forms, without requiring any modifications.

Old Forms

Even older forms can be seen and edited on the new platform, without any changes. Old custom codes and design features will stay the same even if the new form builder is used. As a consequence, businesses can breathe simple, knowing that their forms will be in safe hands.

Phase One

The current release of the new form builder is only phase one. High Level intends to add new features soon. The labs page may be used to provide feedback and feedback will be considered in the development.


Overall, High Level’s new form builder is an excellent tool for online businesses. The newly revamped UI and UX is now available on Labs and can be activated in sub-account settings. Its ease of use, advanced features, and bug fixes make it an essential tool for online businesses.