Introducing the Live Version of the Redesigned Reputation Reporting!

We are excited to present to you the live version of our newly redesigned Reputation Reporting! After months of hard work and dedication, we have revamped our reporting system to provide you with a seamless and enhanced experience. With our updated features and intuitive interface, managing and monitoring your reputation has never been easier. Join us as we take you on a journey through the highlights of our revamped Reputation Reporting and discover the power it holds to empower your brand.


Hey there folks! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the live version of our brand new redesign for reputation reporting. This delightful update comes with a full UI redesign that we believe is absolutely stunning. With our reputation management services now more user-friendly than ever, we can’t wait to help you elevate your online presence and foster a positive brand image. So, let’s dive right into the exciting features and benefits that our revamped reputation reporting has to offer!

We have a brand new redesign for reputation management.

At our arsenal, we have a powerful tool to enhance your online reputation – a complete redesign that is not only visually pleasing but also user-friendly. We understand the importance of your brand image and the impact it has on your success. Our goal with this redesign was to elevate your reputation management experience by offering a sleek and intuitive interface.

The redesign is a full UI redesign and it looks gorgeous.

When we say “full UI redesign,” we mean it. We have given our reputation management platform a complete facelift, ensuring that every inch of it looks absolutely stunning. Our design team has poured their creativity and expertise into creating a visually appealing and engaging experience for our users. With sleek lines, vibrant colors, and an intuitive layout, our redesign offers an aesthetic treat for the eyes.

We offer full reputation management and reporting as a service.

Reputation management is no longer just about basic monitoring and responding to customer feedback. It’s about shaping your brand image and establishing a strong online presence. Our comprehensive reputation management and reporting services cover everything you need to build, monitor, and improve your reputation. From review monitoring and sentiment analysis to review generation and reporting, we’ve got you covered.

We have successfully helped a single location HVAC company increase their reviews from 12 to almost 600.

Actions speak louder than words, and we are proud to share our success story with you. A single location HVAC company was struggling to garner reviews and establish a strong online reputation. Our reputation management strategy, coupled with our redesigned platform, enabled them to skyrocket their reviews from a mere 12 to almost 600! This phenomenal boost in reviews not only enhanced their credibility but also attracted new customers.

Our reputation management strategy is simple and effective.

Simplicity breeds success, and our reputation management strategy embodies this principle. We focus on simplicity without compromising effectiveness. Our streamlined process starts with an automated text message sent to customers after they receive an invoice, politely asking for their feedback. This personalized approach encourages customers to share their experience more frequently.

We automatically send a text to customers after they receive an invoice, asking for feedback.

Gone are the days of manual follow-ups and awkward requests for feedback. With our redesigned reputation reporting, we automate the process of soliciting feedback from your customers. As soon as your customers receive an invoice, our system automatically sends them a friendly text message. This seamless interaction not only saves you time but also ensures timely feedback collection.

We provide a link to Google for customers to easily leave a review.

We understand the power of positive reviews on search engines, and we make it effortlessly simple for your customers to leave their feedback. Our redesigned reputation reporting provides a direct link to Google, allowing customers to easily leave a review with just a click of a button. By removing unnecessary hurdles, we increase the likelihood of satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences.

For clients who log in, we offer an amazing report to track their reputation and performance.

We believe in keeping our clients informed every step of the way. For clients who log in to our reputation management platform, we go the extra mile by offering an amazing report to track their reputation and performance. This insightful report provides a comprehensive overview of their online presence, including key metrics, sentiment analysis, and a breakdown of reviews. With this valuable information at their fingertips, our clients can make informed decisions to improve their reputation continuously.


In conclusion, we are proud to introduce the live version of our redesigned reputation reporting. With its visually stunning interface, simplicity, and comprehensive features, we are confident that our reputation management services will help you take control of your brand image and build a powerful online presence. Don’t let your competitors steal the spotlight – join us on this exciting journey towards a stellar reputation!


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