Keap Campaign – **NRS Webinar** – **Jan Ferguson**

Keap Campaign - **NRS Webinar** - **Jan Ferguson**

KEAP is an all-in-one CRM, marketing automation , invoicing/payment and customer management application used by over 125,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses. Keap’s main focus is on entrepreneurs. Their CRM and sales and marketing tools help you save money and get more done with less work so you can grow your business. They also provide support, coaching, and Partner assistance to help you grow at any stage of your business.

In this video I show how Keap works seamlessly with other applications, both natively and through the use of Zapier (an application that allows one application to speak and share data with another application). This campaign actually uses not only Keap but also Zapier, GoToWebinar, and my Learning Management Systems (LMS) called “Voomly”.

I begin the by showing how the campaign can be run one of two ways. Either by selecting one or more of your current Keap contacts and applying a “Webinar-Webinar Invited” tag, which then sends an email to the contact asking if they would like to build better rapport with their prospects/clients and close more sales, among other things. If they would I invited them to register for my “Non-Resistance Selling” webinar (NRS in the campaign title referring to, “Non-Resistant Selling”). They are then taken to a landing page which offers more information than the email regarding the webinar with a “Sign Up” for the webinar.

Additionally, using a Keap link to the landing page, I can advertise the webinar on different social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This is the same landing page that current contacts reach via the email I send to them.

Both sets of prospective webinar attendees (contacts and social media viewers) are then sent to the GoToWebinar registration page for the webinar when they click on the “Sign Up” button on the landing page. After the register they are not only sent “business-like” emails from GoToWebinar with basic webinar dates, times and links, but they also receive PERSONAL, UPBEAT, and ENCOURAGING emails from me via my Keap campaign sequence.

So the prospect receives two emails (one “business-like” from GoToWebinar and one UPBEAT email from me) upon registering, one-week before the webinar, one-day before the webinar, and on the day of the webinar for a total of eight reminder emails.

After the webinar, the webinar attendee is sent to a landing page that presents them with a 36-hour window to a BONUS of $200 off the “Non-Resistance Selling” course the webinar was a preview of.

I hope you enjoy this look at a use of Keap when combined with other applications. If you have any questions, please enter them in the comments below.

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