Mobile Updates: Enhanced Transaction Filtering, Tap to Pay in White Label Apps, and Expansion to More Countries!

Mobile Updates: Enhanced Transaction Filtering, Tap to Pay in White Label Apps, and Expansion to More Countries!


At [Company Name], we are committed to providing the best user experience for our customers. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the release of Version 3.64 of our mobile app, packed with new features that will make managing transactions easier and more convenient than ever before. Whether you’re a business owner or a tech-savvy individual, these updates are sure to impress!

Enhanced Transaction Filtering

Keeping track of transactions can be a daunting task, especially if you’re dealing with a high volume of sales. That’s why we’ve introduced enhanced transaction filtering in our Point of Sale (POS) system. With this new feature, you can easily search for specific transactions based on various criteria such as date, amount, or customer name. This allows you to quickly locate and review transactions, making it a breeze to reconcile accounts and identify any discrepancies. Our aim is to save you time and effort, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!

  • Filter transactions by date: Need to view transactions from a specific time period? No problem! Our enhanced filtering allows you to select a date range and instantly retrieve the relevant transactions.
  • Filter transactions by amount: Looking for transactions above or below a certain dollar value? Our new filtering option lets you set a minimum and maximum amount, providing you with a refined list of transactions tailored to your needs.
  • Filter transactions by customer: Want to see all transactions associated with a particular customer? Simply enter their name or customer ID, and our system will fetch the transactions matching your search criteria.

Tap to Pay in White Label Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our tap to pay functionality is now available for white label apps. This exciting feature allows users to make payments effortlessly using their mobile devices. Whether you’re at a retail store, a restaurant, or even a pop-up shop, simply tap your device on the payment terminal, and you’re good to go! Say goodbye to fumbling for your wallet or purse – paying has never been easier.

Expanding Globally

We believe in making our cutting-edge technology available to as many people as possible. That’s why we’re expanding the tap to pay feature to more countries around the globe. We’re currently beta testing in Australia, the United Kingdom, and France for iOS users, with wider availability coming soon. For Android users, tap to pay is already available in countries like Australia, Canada, and Finland among others. Whether you’re traveling or doing business overseas, you can now enjoy the convenience of tap to pay in more places than ever before.

In conclusion, the latest updates to our mobile app, including enhanced transaction filtering, tap to pay functionality in white label apps, and expansion to more countries, demonstrate our commitment to continuously improving our services. We strive to provide an exceptional user experience while simplifying transactions for businesses and individuals alike. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way soon!

Note: All information provided in this article is accurate as of the release date of Version 3.64.