Monetize WordPress in HighLevel

Foreign So today we are talking about WordPress Hosting in high level hopefully everyone Is aware that you can host WordPress Sites in high level if you weren't aware Now you are and uh we introduced this Not too long ago but the team behind the WordPress hosting has been absolutely on Fire they have made incredible Advancements in just a few months and it Is at the place where it is Rock Solid So when we uh just a quick personal Story when we first decided that we were Going to do WordPress hosting I was like Oh my gosh that seems like such a big Task you know with folks like WP engine Out there that do such a great job how Are we going to compete with that And the team felt confident that we Would and here we are and and we are There so Um let's quickly talk if we've never met I'm Chase Buckner I'm the director of Product marketing here at high level I Am a former failed agency owner I Actually started an agency a long time Ago with a friend and we flamed out uh In an immense manner of about a year and A half uh in that process I realized I I Was not the CEO sales type of um person But more of an operator and so I Partnered up with a guy named Matt Coffey we built a new agency called Customer Bloom and uh we did grow that

To over seven figures and then I had a Chance to join the team at high level so Odds are I have been in your shoes Whether you are new and just figuring it Out or if you are an experienced agency At the top of your game We are here to talk about WordPress So If you weren't aware WordPress is used By about 43 of all the websites on the Internet Which is crazy right it's what's even More crazy is any website that's using a CMS a Content management system 65 of Those sites are powered by WordPress so Their market share is absolutely Dominant And we um you know at high level we love WordPress we have a WordPress plugin Which I probably should have should have Put a slide in about today Um remind me when we get to q a if you Have questions about the plugin Um but WordPress usage has increased on Average of 12 per year since 2000 uh 2011. and so the stats are crazy WordPress is the dominant CMS in the Space and uh so odds are your clients Are using it your future clients are Posting on WordPress and the current Market cap is about 25 billion dollars When we talk about WordPress hosting so It is a big business when it comes to Hosting a client's WordPress site

WordPress is also my best agency product So as a quick story in my past It took me way too long to realize this I remember being four or five years into Our business and doing an audit across The business and I was actually going Through our WP Engine account and I Don't know if it's still the same way But we had to buy them in blocks of 100 Accounts at a time so it was important For us to go and clean out dead sites to Make room for new ones before we had to Buy another block And as I was doing that I realized that we had hundreds of Websites that we were hosting for folks We were charging 50 a month for hosting And like a half an hour's worth of Updates if needed hundreds of them and Many of these clients were old clients Who had churned meaning we were no Longer collecting Services revenue from Them but they were still paying their 50 A month posting bill because it was a Utility and that was a big light bulb Moment for me if we were smart we would Have Seriously sort of reevaluated our Offerings to focus more around uh what We were doing with WordPress hosting and How to expand on that And for me high level when I was Introduced to high level in the early Days that's where my head went I was

Like this is WordPress hosting 2.0 Um and so hopefully if if you have it if You're not taking advantage of the Business opportunity of Hosting WordPress hopefully today's presentation Will will get your mind heading in that Direction Again we're talking about 25 billion Dollar uh Market And where's that going my that money Going right now it's going to hosting Providers like these right I'm sure lots Of you in the audience right now are Hosting with folks like these as you see On the screen but the good news is that You can now take a piece of that pie you Can take that revenue for yourself by Hosting high level inside of WordPress In fact we've made it really easy for You to compete check this out When we compare high level from a Pricing standpoint across the basic Plans of other top hosting providers Like 50wp engine and kinsta you win Right so you can go compete on price Right now but not only that on Statistics you know we've got a lot of The others beat in areas like visitors Memory things like that so you should Have no problem I mean in my experience A client does not know any of what any Of this means so again they don't even Care they trust you to make these Decisions so now instead of saying hey

You know I need you to create an account On kinsta and send me the logins or Instead of you doing that for them and Paying kinsta for that you can now do it In high level and keep that revenue for Yourself So before we dive in here the first Thing I want to point out the team has Done is massive infrastructure Improvements and so we have gone from Average install times of seven minutes Down to 30 seconds The SSL certificates are generating Really fast I don't know what the exact Stat is on that right now but it's super Quick Um when you host WordPress and high Level it's going to run through Cloudflare CDN Content distribution Network which means The actual files are being served up From the closest physical Hub around the World to the person going to the site so Sites are even faster they provide some Security elements there as well so you Get the benefits of cloudflare on top We've got backup and restore so if you Need to roll back a site no problem And we've got an import tool which is Awesome so the import tool the speed of That has gone from about 30 minutes to Import a site from another host into High level To under 10 minutes so in under 10

Minutes you can migrate or WordPress Sites from wherever they're currently Being hosted to high level and then We've made massive improvements when it Comes to the latency so the Infrastructure side of things has never Been better it is Rock Solid ready to go And we make it really easy for you to go Ahead and just import sites from Wherever they're currently hosted Let's talk about some of the existing Features that exist right now inside of High level on the WordPress side of Things We've got that all-in-one plugin that I Just talked about that makes migration Really easy so you install the plugin Configure a couple of things will suck The site all the files right over Um I do see another question this is Being recorded if you joined a little Late we will send out the recording to The email tomorrow so don't worry you'll Have that Recent Edition SFTP access so if you've Been working with website you know how Important this is sometimes you need to Get in through the back end you've got That access now right there inside of High level Plug-in management you can actually Manage plugins keep them updated all of That right from within the high level Dashboard so you don't have to go into

The WordPress site to do that and same Thing with themes so you can keep your Themes up to date right from without or Without having to leave high level to Make those updates you can also delete WordPress sites right from in the high Level dashboard And you can manage users so you can Create new users right from within the Liable dashboard without having to go Into the WordPress site We talked about the free backups and Restoring a backup so if you do blow Something up I've been there multiple Times and the easiest way is hey let's Just roll this thing back to the way it Used to look like yesterday uh you can Go ahead and do that and then you can Also manage the cash so oftentimes Um when we're you know using things like Cdns uh you make an update and you don't See it reflected on the front end Because you've got a cash situation Going on you can go purge the cache from The back end of high level now and uh And then you'll see the latest update on The front end Um this one PHP muscle I have no idea What this means it sounds like a Security feature hopefully someone from The team is here and they can follow up On what that means in the chat but I'm Assuming it's something pretty cool These are just a couple of screens so to

Give you an idea of what it looks like Uh Jeremiah purging caches is my Favorite pastime that's hilarious Um In the dashboard you can see these are Just a couple of screens like uh FTP Access if you needed to get into SFTP This is what it looks like Plug-in management you can see plugins Listed over here if you need to make a Change over here same thing with themes Very similar If we needed to delete a site we can do That you know a couple of safety steps In there to make sure you don't delete Something by accident And again you can manage the users here So Oh and here's the cache Jeremiah so uh You can spend some time in here and uh Purge those caches Let's talk about what's coming so in the Near future we've got some awesome Updates coming to the WordPress hosting Side of the world Including visitor data analytics so We're going to start showing you uh Charts around visits unique visits all That kind of stuff right here in um on The high level side of things Health analytics so memory uses just you Should CPU all that kind of stuff you're Going to see that very soon in high Level

Um mailbeam this is another one I have No idea what this means uh sounds pretty Cool I'm assuming it has something to do With Emails that go out of your high level Sites but again hopefully some from the Team can jump in there and the ability To support multiple installs within one High-level sub account so we've we've Seen that request a lot already is hey My client has more than one WordPress Site I want to manage them both in the Sub account and so you'll be able to do That very soon as well Um WordPress debugging mode which is Pretty cool I don't know exactly what's Going to be involved in that um but I Can see how valuable that's going to be To be able to debug without having to Leave high level as well And then domain management enhancements So there's a lot that we're going to be Start working on with domains Um I'm not going to go too far into that Because a lot of the details are still In flux but imagine a world in the very Near future where you will be able to Automatically set DNS records right from Within high level and not have to Actually go to the DNS to make those Updates we definitely are on a mission To make it really really easy to get a Site up and running as quickly as Possible

So you'll see start things like that to Start to roll out soon as well Staging and Dev environments are coming Which is great right Um we we're heavy users of staging of Course and so you'll see that as well And then here are some of the some of The screens are actually ready so some Of this is really close so we can Actually take a look at what it's going To look like so as you can see here You've got stuff like analytics in Addition to some of the stuff that we Just checked out Uh visitor reports so again we're Talking about views to the site things Like that some traffic type of metrics In there Um but let's talk about what it costs So there are three plans available on The high level side of things if you Want to just do the simple pay as you go Per month it's ten dollars per month per Set Which again we already saw is super Competitive within the market so it Makes it really quick and easy however If you have lots of sites here's where You can really start to save we actually Have an unlimited plan so for 350 a Month you can move an unlimited amount Of WordPress sites over into high level And manage them here so for someone like Me a couple of years ago when I was

Running our agency and we had hundreds Of sites it was a very Hefty bill that We were paying to W the engine and we Could have saved a ton of cash if we had An opportunity like this to move those Over there is an asterisk there and We'll talk about that in just a second But we actually have an unlimited annual Plan where you can save even more so Instead of if you do the math of 350 Times 12 that would be 4 200 a year you Can actually save even more 3 500 a year And again you can move unlimited amounts Of sites over so that should be a Fantastic opportunity for many of you to Save This is uh sort of what it looks like in The dashboard when you go to the WordPress hosting section where you can Choose which route you want to go with And then I did want to point out that Disclaimer right so the Asterix is about The fair use policy so this is what we Consider to be fair use so most of the Sites that I hosted for clients were Well within these limits we had a few Heavy Hitters and those Heavy Hitters we Would have probably kept somewhere like Clouds or kinsta anyway because we were Hardcore aging those sites and we had Some really you know uh granular stuff Going on over there so Totally understand if you've got heavy Hitter sites you're probably going to

Keep them where they are but for the Large majority of your clients you can Probably save a ton of cash and recoup That revenue for yourself by sliding Them over So let's talk about the three ways that You can resell this and profit from it In high level so first off is just that 10 a month right so in your agency Account you have the opportunity to set Your own hosting price so let's say you Wanted to charge 14.99 here that's what Your customer would pay per month and we Would charge you 10 therefore you're Profiting the 4.99 In the sub-account side of things on the Right This is what your clients would see so They could navigate themselves to WordPress And say that they want to create an Account there and sign up for that ten Dollars a month so that is option number One pretty easy pretty straightforward You name your price we do the math You know you get the difference and your Clients can sign themselves up for it Right within their location Option number two is in SAS mode so if You are on the Pro Plan and you're in SAS mode you can actually add WordPress To your configurator and make it a part Of your SAS plan The third option is more of sort of like

A manual mode where you can just Basically say Deploy a WordPress install into this sub Account And charge me the 10 bucks because I'm Covering it in my blanket fee maybe You're you know running on invoices or Whatever and you've got that covered and You just you know want to launch the the Install there and so you can see on the Right hand side you can just make that Happen by spinning up an install and uh And covering it on your own manually Through however you're billing your Client so there's three ways that make It Pretty easy and again if you're on one Of those unlimited plans you're going to Profit way more than anything over the Ten dollars right just do the math there So if we're going to have a ton of time For Q a here um because this is one of The last slides but I did want to make Sure everyone knew how to get started With this if you are interested in Taking advantage of uh these offers in Your agency account you just head to the Reselling Tab and then you'll see WordPress on the right hand side there Where you can choose the option that you Want to get started with and then below That there are some more options that we Just kind of talked about there so if You're interested in checking it out you

Can turn it on right in your app right Now you can get started you can start Importing sites over you can spin up new Installs all the things that we just Talked about or you can reach out to our Team so Alyssa's here Um I'm sure we have some other team members In the chat as well if you all just want To say hi in the chat so that folks know Um that you're here and if we could drop Uh there we go speak with us speak with Consult you can hop on with that team Who can answer more questions about Getting started with WordPress in high Level But hopefully you are as excited as I am About this because again those recent Infrastructure changes I think really Made a was a Quantum Leap on our end and Put it right where we need to be to go Compete with anybody on WordPress Hosting and uh and now with the Unlimited pricing options agencies I Know are going to save a ton of cash and Profit a lot more off of this and again I do want to reiterate that WordPress Hosting is essentially a utility bill It's one of the stickiest products that You can offer and so if you're not Making a good margin on that hopefully This is a great opportunity for you to Take advantage and open up a bigger Revenue stream for your business

All right so I see a bunch of comments In here I'm going to scroll back and Actually I'm going to go to the Q a Conference because that's probably a Little bit more organized Um Let's see here can an existing website Be transferred absolutely so we've got The WordPress plugin Um and you can just install it on the Site configure it and then it sucks the Site right on over Uh and you should be able to go to and just search WordPress to get a step-by-step help doc On that So no need for GoDaddy or cloudflare Um that's right John so instead of Hosting with GoDaddy which I would Definitely move away from uh you can Host the sites right in high level if You're talking about domains that's Different we can't yet buy domains right At a high level but soon you're going to Be able to push DNS updates through to The domain registrar dns's without Having to leave high level so I'm Looking forward to that Um will we be adding some features that Fly will have like the one-click auto Restorers or backups those are Lifesavers yeah absolutely so in Addition to the stuff that we talked About today there's a lot of updates

Coming to WordPress hosting Um And oh rushman's here cool so let me Unmute reshma she's the product manager For WordPress hosting Richmond do you want to say hi Yeah hi everyone Give rashma a welcome she is the one Running the team that's making all this Magic happen Um reshma are there any other awesome Updates that are coming that I didn't Have in the slides that we can talk About okay so I saw one thing about a Database access for PHP my admin uh so That just in this slide so that also we Will be bringing it up by uh somewhere Around June July and one more thing that I what asked us about the staging and Dev environments and that is already in A roadmap and we would be Putting it in production by June so yeah Those are the two updates great Um David I just saw your question here About Beaver Builder yeah so your Builders all remain everything remains As it is you're just moving the site From one hosting provider to another Um how does hosting WP with ghl work With automations for funnels such as Using this called text back I'd love to Move clients over but I don't have to Rebuild all the automations Um nothing should change because

Well I'm assuming you basically took a high Level phone number and put it on the WordPress site when you move the hosting Nothing changes all those site files are The same so whatever you have as the Phone number is going to be the same Um so you should be all good there this Reminds me about the high level WordPress plugin it's called lead Connector and again that's our gray Label so you don't have to expose high Level to your clients if you don't want To you can go install the elite Connector plugin into a WordPress site And that gives you a couple of really Convenient options the first is being Able to add the high level web chat Widget to a WordPress site without Having to do code so you install the WordPress you toggle it on and the chat Widget will appear across the site so That's a really easy no code way to add The high level website widget to a WordPress site The second thing that it enables you to Do is publish a high level page and yes James you can do that right now you can Publish a high level page onto the roots Of a WordPress site what do I mean by That Typically in the past let's say and you Know give me a high five emoji in the Chat if you've been in this scenario

You've got a client with a terrible Website but they don't want to pay for a New one it's a WordPress site but they Want you to do marketing and you're like Look we need to build you a landing page Because your site's not going to convert So you use high level to build a Beautiful landing page but then where The heck is it going to live all right Well we'll put it as a sub domain right So it's like offer Dot Offer not exactly ideal well with the WordPress plugin you can actually just Publish the high level page onto the Root of your client's WordPress site so It's your offer Again you can do that right now with the Lead connector plug-in uh inside of WordPress and we've got a lot of fun Updates coming to that plug-in as well Reshma's team is already working on an Awesome one where you're going to be Able to use the plugin to launch high Level pop-up forms so hopefully you have Seen that you can build Forms inside of high level and now you Have the option to embed them as pop-up Forms well now you're going to be able To add those pop-up forms to a WordPress Site without having to deal with code Just like the chat widget so cool a lot Of cool updates are coming on the WordPress plugin side of things again It's called lead connector uh I don't

Know if it's one word or two words but Try them both you'll find it inside the Uh WordPress plugin Library Um Cool so let's see what other questions That we have here how does oh we just Talked about that one so nothing should Change if you move a site from wherever It's being hosted into high level WordPress hosting do we get access to a Cpanel type interface for file manager Database PHP and stuff like that we are Not going to do cpanel correct reshma Uh not for now geez not for long not for Now we're gonna build in the you know The options that you mostly need right Into the high level experience Um and now you've got SFTP so you know Hopefully you can get to everything that You need to get to Jeremiah's staging sites are already in The works Um freshman did you say july-ish for the Staging sites so staging in there uh it Will be by June There you go Uh Todd I have like 30 sites I want to Move is there a discount yeah Todd so if We go back to the pricing options You can for 350 a month you can move as Many sites as you want again as long as They meet the fair usage policy which I'm sure that most of them if not all of Them will

Is there support for migrating into high Level of course just go in app hit the Support chat there Um or you can go to success Hop on with our support team live and Zoom whenever you'd like and uh And yeah we're here to help Subdomains are imported as well Um Jeff yeah so that's just the domain Settings that are configured within the WordPress site right so none of those Files actually change we just move all Of that over and Um so yeah nothing will change on the Domain side Um Okay lean hopefully I'm pronouncing that Right what if we have existing Supplements does the plug-in and Everything else work for those as well Um it should yeah give it a try Sherry can you set up development routes Yep we just talked about June you'll be Able to do that Staging and prod same question Ryan Sean how easy is it to receive for us to Convert the current website built in High level to a WordPress website That functionality doesn't exist Um it's sort of one or the other right And I love to offer uh A templated option or two or three built In high level

Um because that's super easy for me to Manage if I were running a website shop Today Um and then I would have sort of like a Fully bespoke robust option that I would Probably still build in WordPress Um obviously you know there's nothing You can't do in WordPress so that's the Way I look at it but we don't have a way To say okay turn this high level site Into a WordPress site and kind of why Would you want to right and then you're Just incurring a a cost for yourself Where as high level sites hosting for Those are included In your plan Sub domains we talked about Todd what about the regular WordPress Admin side Yeah of course so you log in and and That's still there Um Who hosts where are the sites hosted That are managed in high level High level does they're managed in high Level Todd so what is used to create pages Um Well you can log into the WordPress site To create Pages or again you could build Pages in high level and then through the Plugin push them into onto the domain Um Kevin are there plans to host other Platforms I.E webflow not at the moment

That I'm aware of but if we see it get a Start getting tons of votes in the ideas Board Um then we would certainly consider it And so hopefully everybody knows that uh In your agency account there's a tab on The left that says ideas If you if there's something that's Missing from eye level that you want to See happen go over there search it if Somebody's already suggested it give it A vote if not add it to the ideas board Because that is how Um we basically form our roadmap we Listen to you and and listen to what you All want in the and that's sort of what Informs the order that we do things so If you haven't checked out the ideas Board definitely head over there give it A Um Give it a scroll and give an upvote to Anything that you see in there that you Also want to see happen Um Todd for 350 a month unlimited sites Is that unlimited across all Sub-accounts yes Who is providing technical support is Something burps or hiccups we do so just Reach out to us hit the live chat in Your account Um and we'll be happy to help Tasha how can we sell just the WordPress Hosting for those that won't be signing

Up for SAS we have a bunch of SAS Clients using WordPress so that's easy But if I wanted to offer the WordPress Hosting for those yeah totally so again Just go into Um let me find the screen Oops am I going the wrong way I might be you just go into your agency Account click the rebuilding tab And Uh yeah and on the right hand side You'll see WordPress you can go set your Price and then once you enable it you Can actually go into the sub account and Override it so if you want your default Price to be like 14.99 like we see on The screen here but you have a specific Client that you want to charge more or Less let's say your your standard is 20 And you have a client you want to charge 15. you can go into their sub account And override the setting there Um all right JJ is there a plan to do a Default plugins feature like you can With WP toolkit Um I think that means JJ like managing All plug-ins like update all Um I don't know Richmond is that on the Road map Uh not for now but we could definitely Look into this Cool So yeah JJ if that's something that you Definitely want to see happen

Uh Uh Auto installing plugins How does that work because you have to Oh I see what you're saying like hey Every time I build a new client site I Always install these 10 plugins Got it cool so yeah I would say hit the Ideas board with that and um and rally The troops to vote it up and we'll make It happen All right Linus was looking forward to move all my Clients from psychron ghl but I am Paying 400 a year for unlimited hosting With siteground Well you can pay 350 a year at high Level and the more sites that you add uh You know the better of a deal that gets But it's totally up to you Linus Hopefully we can save you some cash and Make your life a little bit easier Jeremiah will high-level WordPress Hosting ever work with high-level custom Values I don't know the answer to that but That's interesting Um I do know when we first started Talking about whether or not we should Build WordPress hosting We did have some conversations like this Like oh this actually might open up the Uh opportunity for a really tight-knit Integration between the two Um so I don't think it's on the roadmap

Right now Jeremiah but it's not out of The question so again I would hit the Ideas board for stuff like that and if We start seeing it pop up we'll move on It Would this be branded with my business Or called high level hosting yours so High level is white labeled right so When they log in they see your branding And then when they go to sites WordPress It's all within your branded experience There Tom can you show the upcoming feature Slide again yes let me go back to that Oops here it is oh restaurant what is Male Bean Okay so currently uh We have this male Bean uh plug-in General availability which is there uh So we don't have the mail options within WordPress for now but that is what we Are planning to do uh with this mailbeam Plugin Which is completely white label as well Yes Cool Newman's asking if he needed to access The WordPress database he would just Reach out to us correct Uh the WordPress database yes but uh for All the other files uh they can access The access using the SFTP itself right Cool Well high level templates be able to

Become WordPress sites that's Interesting Um it's definitely possible I would say Again get that on the ideas board if It's not there already and get that Voted up That's something cool idea Timeline estimated for staging uh reshma Said June Jeremiah Um David if we're paying a monthly fee For multiple sites if we move to annual Billing do the monthly plans come with It yes Where would we Anonymous where would someone purchase The domain if it can't be done through Here uh you could purchase domains all Sorts of places I like to buy domains in Google domains or cloudflare Um both of those make it really easy to Do Path redirecting Um and stuff like that so I would say Check out Google domains or It's probably cloudflare is probably the Best place these days Another anonymous is the support the Same as high level or do you have a Separate support team Um yeah like we have a team within our Support team that handles all WordPress Questions so sort of the same But it's the same channel for now Are there any video tutorials for how to

Install WordPress I want to build a site For my own agency uh yeah just go to But it's actually really easy if you Just go into your sub account and go to Sites WordPress you can hit get started Dan why not migrate to high level sites Versus WordPress people can migrate away From High level WordPress sites more sticky With high level sites yeah Dan I mean Totally I'm all for it like building High level uh but again I totally Understand the fact that there are a Million different reasons why you might Continue to build a site in WordPress Because of the insanely complex Capabilities that the ecosystem offers Um but yeah for me if I were to head Back into the agency world today I would Have Probably three templated options built Out in high level with some basic Customizations and then if you want a Fully robust customized site it's going To be thousands of dollars uh if not Tens of thousands of dollars whereas my WordPress sites I would sell as websites On demand for whatever 297 a month Forever you stop paying the site goes Away just like your Netflix account That's how I would do it but of course There are a million ways to skin a cat We have been trying to reach out to your

Sport after we've signed up but we can't Reach you guys Email and phone is there a way we can Reach out to somebody of course just log In and hit the live chat icon or hop on Speak with DOT us slash success Um and you can hop right into a zoom Room and we'll be happy to help you out I was told there would be cookies Uh Who's got the cookies please distribute Via the chat Uh Eric so domain plus email Provider Plus WordPress plus high level Are all different Billings for the Client what is the best yeah see SAS Mode Eric solves all of this right so Well not domain domains not yet uh but SAS mode bundles this all up into your Software offering right and so I would Say if you haven't checked out the Pro Plan and SAS mode that's where you want To head because you create your plans Whatever you want is in there is Included somebody buys that plan it all We spin up the account automatically Says that their permissions Automatically create their user with Their permissions automatically send Their logins automatically monitor their Billing automatically so if they stop Paying to get locked out all of that Stuff happens with SAS mode so your Client's just paying one bill and then

They're paying for usage of phone and SMS and email with their wallet the Crediting system that builds in it's Built in so it's really seamless Um it's an insane opportunity and that's Why we are super pumped on SAS mode if You know if you're here and you don't Know about SAS mode please reach out to Us Um in any way which would shoot me an Email personally so that we can let you Know what's going on and as sort of Develop a little Insider Intel You're going to see Launch in the next month or two which is Going to be a whole new program around SAS mode and getting into the model so We're working on that right now and We're really excited for that to roll Out James does elegant themes yeah themes Nothing changes that's all on the WordPress side of things we're just Talking about where the files are hosted Steve will you be introducing Professional email inboxes including Within the hosting my website hosted on Siteground currently have professional Emails as well Um Probably not because we have the lead Connector phone system built in Professional email is you know we leave That to the Googles and the outlooks of

The world for now Um but again if it blew up on the ideas Board uh we would certainly consider it Um Let's see Wow this is a cool name I'm going to try To pronounce it because it's cool but if I butcher it I'm really sorry Kolawole did I get that right what Happens to Google ranking when you do a Migration Um Impossible to answer probably nothing Possibly an improvement uh when you host WordPress and high level it's super fast And again you get the benefit of like Cloudstar CDN and stuff so I would Suspect you've probably seen Improvement Uh Uh Melissa What's the advantage of building a Client's site okay so we kind of talked About this Melissa right hopefully You've got a good answer for this by now I would probably offer both but Obviously building in high level is Really easy with snapshots and custom Values and all the things that we can do There but I totally understand that in Certain scenarios I would still build a Site in WordPress as well James I need to upload a chat widget for An Australian website do you have a Video for the lead connector option we

Do just go to but Essentially just go to plugins in WordPress and search for lead connector Latoya 24 7 support E I believe we're at 24 7 now Um There might be A little window late night over the Weekend but I'm assuming we'll close that Gap soon As well The lead connector uses iframes how does That affect SEO for the landing pages Um good question I don't know the answer To that but Jacob most of the time when I was building landing pages I was Driving paid traffic to them so it Didn't matter we didn't index them Anyway so Um probably won't be a big deal Um Patricia are there email account Options for clients uh so we just talked About that through high level no outside Of lead connector Um [Music] Um Bryce was the ability to put the Funnels or landing pages from high level On the root domain current feature of The lead connector plugin are coming Soon Current feature you can do it right now Check it out Max will this be as managed WP hosting

So if something doesn't work we will Help you fix it absolutely Max we've got Your back Marcelo can I also host website if my Clients use Wix uh no this is just for WordPress so if they're on Wix I would Get them off Uh but that's up to you Joseph is email going to be available Okay we talked about email nope Jonathan where can I find more in-depth Training on how to build and transfer WP Sites and set up analytics just head to Johnson or pop on speak With DOT us support it's really easy to Transfer sites in and analytics anything You have set up should continue to work Because again nothing's changing in the Files we're just changing where they're Hosted [Music] Um Oops Jessica if I have woocommerce shop Set up yep nothing changes we're just Changing the place where the files are Hosts What theme would you recommend to use to Build in WordPress Melissa that I don't Know but there are I've been out of the Game for a bit but there were a lot of Suggestions in the comments there and uh Especially if you go all the way to the Top depending on what time you joined But it sounds like Elementor is a very

Popular Builder these days Um as well as some others Uh Oh man that refrigerator is really loud Hopefully you guys can't hear that Buzzing okay so we are at Coming up on an hour let's take It's got like 10 more we've got a lot More questions but hopefully we get Through about 10 more Mike Will you Offer a service for helping a Layman Like me in building a few templated Websites so on the high level side Mike We've got you there's a template Library Full of hundreds of sites if not Thousands by now that you can just Launch with a click of a button Um you could also you know if you hit up YouTube and like how to build a website In eye level there's tons of people from The community that have done stuff like That or hop on with speak without us Success and we can help you with Specific questions but that's on the High level side of things we don't Really have tutorials on how to build Stuff in WordPress Um so hopefully that gets you where you Need to go Pasha so I would base be manually Signing them up for their high level Account in my agency I guess since They're not signing up for SAS Uh yeah however you're selling the

Clients you would continue to do that But you can Um Turn on WordPress billing So You might have to be on 297 I'm assuming To do this right because now there's Rebuilding on 297. so basically when you Activate that it turns on a walleting System in the sub account where they Have to put in a credit card and then They can pay for SMS they can pay for Email and pay for things like WordPress Um so hopefully that makes sense if not Hit us up so we can walk through it Melissa I want to build clients for Hosting for sites I make with the high Level Builder is that possible in SAS Mode Uh as a part of your SAS plan absolutely Another way to do it would be to use Invoicing so hopefully everybody knows In the payments tab you can now create Recurring invoices Um that work really well so you can spin Up a hosting invoice you could send it To them in a text message or an email You can turn on Apple and Google pay so They can literally like scan their face And pay and then that subscription will Just run so there's a couple of ways you Could do it Melissa Jack can we integrate Shopify host's Website into high level integrate yes

Host no Shopify sites are hosted in Shopify but we do have a native Integration so that every time a Purchase happens we create a contact Record in high level uh you can trigger Things in workflow Builders Um there are Shopify specific custom values that you Can use in things like emails so check That out head over to and Just type in Shopify and you'll get a Bunch of info Todd is there an agency level dashboard So I wanted to add a plug-in to Everyone's WordPress site across all sub Accounts uh not yet Todd but if that's Something you need to add it to the Ideas board so that we can take a look Um Kurt did you say that we can spin up new WordPress sites within high level Absolutely you can Give it a whirl I did it a couple of weeks ago it was Quick and easy Uh Kristen So if you have a client that wants email Addresses associated with their website No so like real root email addresses you Would do that like you do right now I recommend everyone to go to Google and Create a g Suite or whatever they call It these days Um and those records are handled in your

DNS it sounds like a bunch of you are Running email through hosting providers Uh to my opinion is probably not the Best idea but I get it but yeah I would Have my clients being Uh setting up their email in something Like Google Uh Joseph Are there plans to provide an update Feature for core plugins I think that's already there Rushmore Right so we do plug-in management now in The high level dashboard yes yes we have It already cool Joe are there limitations to plugins yes We do have A black list of plugins that you can't Install I don't know do we have a health DOC for that restaurant where people Could review that yes I have it I'll Post it in the chat Great For example is it possible to build a WordPress headless app to auto-generate Blinding pages No idea Joe you just went way over my Head with that one but you'd hit up Support and we could give you a better Answer Eric I have white labor planned so I can Just raise my prices and include all That correct Marcelo so you're saying I have to Migrate them

To WordPress Uh if this was the Wix question then Yeah Is SEO better on a WordPress hosting Site over a high level template site Impossible question to answer Hassan There are so many factors that go into Rankings Um and it all depends on what you're Doing on both So you know I go into the Facebook group And you'll see high level websites that Blow doors off of other competitor Platforms And vice versa if you go build a super Clunky site in pi level it's not going To rank as well as something that's been Properly seo'd on another platform so Tough one to answer Celia are we getting the recording yeah We'll send it to you tomorrow Daria for clients using Wix what Workarounds can we use Um well as far as I know you can drop Custom scripts on wixites right so you Could add high level forms a little Pop-up forms the chat widget all that Kind of stuff you'd just be doing it With code we don't have a a Wix Plugin Or or anything like that yet James if you go to Google would you have To revamp their emails Uh you would have to update the MX Record

S but that would be something that Google would help you out with Joe sorry landing pages I can't remember The context of that question sorry Melissa is there any way to get access To the back end of a high level site as We can with WP to custom code Uh no But again you can add custom code and JavaScript and CSS But if you need back-end access for some Reason just reach out to us and we'll be Happy to help Okay cool that was the last question in The Q a and I know that wrestling and The team have been answering questions In the chat uh we will email you the Recording of this tomorrow so you'll Have that don't worry Um but thank you so much to everybody For hanging out uh and asking so much so Many questions and interacting this has Been great I love the WordPress Community Um and so hopefully you all are excited About WordPress hosting and high level And hopefully that can be a great Opportunity for you to generate more Revenue for you and your agency [Music] Um I see a lot of questions about email Again email is not part of this so if You are hosting WordPress sites with a

Hosting provider that is also providing Email addresses I would look into that before you move The WordPress host and you're probably Going to have to still pay them for the Email accounts right if I hope I made that clear because I saw a Lot of questions about email Uh Uh will we be considering editor X Integration Adante You will be absolutely psyched Probably next Monday Hint hint uh we actually rebuilt the High level website and funnel Builder And um we took a lot of inspiration from Editor X So that should roll out into beta next Week And uh we're super pumped on that and Hopefully you all will be as well Yeah it looks really cool it's it's Pretty sexy I'm not gonna lie and then Once that gets out that was a big Project Um once the new Builder goes live next Week Uh Uh then all the new updates to Builder Will start to roll out like the slider And Um some really cool other elements that Are right around the corner

Cool all right well thanks again Everybody for hanging out we look Forward to uh helping you migrate your WordPress sites over save some cash and Open up a new Revenue stream through uh WordPress hosting and high level Have a good one everyone [Music]