Multiple Language HighLevel has begun Calendar section is live!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I am so Excited about this announcement because This is the beginning of something huge So uh if you look in on my screen here You might notice that some of the uh the Language on the screen here is a bit Different in terms of language than uh It it is today this is actually a Preview image from a while ago I was Trying to find a better example of this But basically this is the start of Internationalization for high level and What this means is we're working to make It so that by the end of Q2 the entire App end to end is fully translated into A multitude of different languages now As far as what languages and when and All that wonderful stuff that actually Is not as big of a deal as you would Think because we have some amazing People in our uh in our uh Community who Already speak about every language you Could imagine but really it's about Preparing the app for this and so what I've been telling everybody Um along the way here recently is hey All the new UI uh sort of ux that you're Seeing us put in has Internationalization support I've been Saying that and saying that well guess What today is the day where we see why That actually matters so as you can see On my screen here when you change the

Language it starts to change all over The calendar section so real quick here Let's take a swing by the company Settings notice um right here it's in Red platform language so uh this is a New menu item that allows you to say Listen this sub account needs to be in This language right so check out the so That'll actually change it so let's look At the release notes together and kind Of walk down what we're releasing today So heads right here you can see a new Feature calendar system is now available In the following languages Spanish uh French Canadian Dutch and danish which I Actually didn't know there were two There but anyways I want something new Every day so users can choose their Preferred language in the platform Language we just saw that right under The business profile settings now quick Note we actually have new business Profile settings that are in beta that You have to enable via labs and that Version ironically does not have this Drop down yet although it'll get there In the next day or so but just quick Note if you're on the the brand new Version of those business settings and You're like what the heck where is it It's not there so don't worry it'll it's Not just you but it will show up here in A couple of days but if you're on the The current version which is most people

You'll see this anyways as you can see What are the translated modules and I Think this is what's really important The calendar settings page the book Booking appointment modal the create Book uh slot modal the appointment pop Over and the appointment activity log Yet to be translated as you can see the Calendar creation model which is Obviously work in progress and the Appointments list page and calendar view Which are also being worked on now what Is cool about this is not just this it Is the fact that this is the beginning And this is huge props to the team this Is exactly how we roll as soon as Anything is ready to go that could be Valuable or useful to somebody let's get It live and that is what we've done here But this is really the kickoff for the Rest of the app to kind of Roll Along to The same end uh here in the coming Months so anyways huge props to this Super excited that this got done Um just wanted to say thank you very Much to the team for getting this done And we'll and we'll talk soon