Net revenue, video track, & embedded email builder in memberships is live!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high level your favorite ShamWow guy sorry I am in the airport Right now as you can see look at that Check it out okay but I cannot uh I Cannot wait to share this awesome new Release with you so Um let's take a look here let's start With the screenshots and we'll jump into This okay so how many of you know that We have a full membership builder in the App that's right hopefully most of you But if you didn't guess what Congratulations today's your day we have A full membership builder in the uh in The app uh basically like a kajabi Essentially and it has a truckload of Features but today those features got a Lot better so today we're launching net Revenue and let's talk about what that Is and why it matters so in detail net Revenue allows you to Um uh well actually hold on we've also Got video tracking support and posts and Email Builder pop-out support holy cow Never mind we got we got three things This is uh what is that uh three for the Price one sold okay it allows users to Book a one-time uh look at a one-time Purchase record within a selected date Range liner bar graphs uh to uh can be Displayed users can compare offers as Well as purchase channels so this is Really cool so pay attention to this

Um basically it's okay look I want to Compare different offers obviously and I Also want to know different channels for Different offers right so this allows us To see what are we selling um how is it Selling if we're doing if we're trying To sell maybe a similar offer different Packaging different combinations and Then what channels are working for us Right workflow smart list funnels Upsells membership checkouts really Awesome Um one-time purchase data net revenue For the location can be filtered by Custom date ranges and offers and also Purchase channels so you can filter on All that stuff check out you can check Out how the top four offers are Performing in a given date range they Also respect the filters users can Monitor the percentage change in revenue And total unit sales so you can get both The percentage change and unit change Which is awesome because you obviously Probably want to know both right it's Available also for total revenue and Each offer so if you look in here real Quick you can get an idea of what this Looks like so it's going to be under Membership so left-hand menu are going To go to sites then you're going to go To memberships and then there's going to Be reporting underneath that and then You can see here uh just showing off all

The different filter States as well let Me just make sure I do this Justice here So you start seeing per day Revenue Numbers Revenue by offer so you can Start to see total revenue by offer as Far as the offers and the units sold and You can put your little mouse over the Little pie chart and it'll pop up and Show you because that's the total on the Right and then it'll break it down by The different offers and you can see Which ones are obviously performing Better which is amazing right and then Here's the comparator so you can see Right here these uh it kind of cuts off The bottom there but you can see like These are different offers being shown Here so we're comparing and seeing and Contrasting which ones are doing which So that's really amazing let's see did I Miss anything Um oh and then this of course is just Showing the different uh sources here Um you're gonna have to jump in there's Not a lot of data on this test account To see it for yourself but if you are Have been selling memberships or have Started selling memberships this data is Going to be amazing and invaluable and While we're here uh video tracking Support in post and email Builder pop Out uh support in post that is something Hold on I gotta find something on that Because that's just too exciting oh wait

Here we go okay video tracking support Even if the user quits the Apple Watching the video it'll keep track of The user's last play time and the user Will be able to resume the video from That point that's cool if the user Switches to a new lesson pauses the Video or quits while playing the video It'll continue to track their progress And it'll help us track accurate post Progress so this is awesome basically Before if you went into a lesson you hit A video and you left or you quit or you Paused and you came back later it Started over the beginning that's all Been fixed and we're tracking it to the User so we can start to look at like are They watching half the video are they Watching a quarter of the video are they Watching none of the video right and Then finally um email Builder oh sorry And yeah and then finally email Builder Pop-up so membership now supports in Place email editing so if you look at if You go to membership settings and email Settings so this has been out there for A long time where you could basically Change the emails that are being sent Out in various conditions like a new Offer is granted something like that but You use let's say you you went there and You saw a template or you wanted to Create a template and what you'd have to Do is back out go all the way to the

Email Builder build it and then come all The way back in and select it but now You can actually do that all from one Spot so anyways this is a huge release By the way I am just so Um thrilled about this let's look at the Dock here and see if there's anything Else we can clean up I know it's in over Four minutes heavy in this thing Um oh well there you go these are much Better screenshots Um so anyways I will try to find the Help DOC for all of you but this is an Awesome amazing release huge props to The membership team for making this Happen and on that note I hope all of You are having a great start to your Friday all right talk soon