New Content Army Update: Join Contest #13 for Form Templates and Win Big!

The latest update from the Content Army brings great news for all aspiring writers and content creators. In Contest #13, he or she has a chance to win big by unleashing their creativity in designing form templates. With an array of exciting prizes up for grabs, such as cash rewards, recognition, and more, this contest is a golden opportunity for talented individuals to showcase their skills. So, why wait? Join the New Content Army Update and be part of this thrilling contest today.

New Content Army Update: Join Contest #13 for Form Templates and Win Big!


The HighLevel Content Army has been gaining significant attention over the past few months, and for a good reason. Chase, one of the key members of HighLevel, has recently announced a thrilling opportunity for all content creators out there. The company is currently hosting Contest #13, specifically dedicated to form templates. This contest aims to gather the most awesome and visually appealing form templates from participants around the world. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting contest and what it entails.

Heading 1: Contest Details

Chase from HighLevel has opened up Contest #13 as a way to further expand the template library with incredible form designs. To participate, individuals are required to select an industry from the provided template list and create a form prototype specific to that industry. The creativity and innovation of the participants are highly valued, as they have the chance to showcase their skills in designing captivating form templates.

Sub-heading 1.1: Visual Appeal

Form templates that capture the audience’s attention with their aesthetics are greatly encouraged. Participants are expected to combine functionality and visual appeal, creating forms that engage users from the very first glance. HighLevel understands the importance of impressive design, as it plays a crucial role in user experience and engagement.

Sub-heading 1.2: No Custom CSS, but Custom Values Allowed

While participants are limited from using custom CSS in their form templates, they are more than welcome to incorporate custom values. This opens up a world of possibilities to design unique forms that stand out, showcasing creativity within the given guidelines. By leveraging custom values, participants can truly make their form templates one-of-a-kind.

Heading 2: Utilizing Royalty-Free Images

HighLevel places a strong emphasis on using royalty-free images to ensure compliance with copyright regulations. Contest participants are encouraged to include captivating visuals within their form templates, but it is crucial for them to obtain these visuals from reputed sources such as Unsplash or Pixabay. This enables them to incorporate stunning visuals while avoiding any copyright issues.

Heading 3: The Template Library

One of the main goals of Contest #13 is to add a multitude of new and impressive form templates to the HighLevel template library. By sourcing these templates from talented individuals worldwide, HighLevel aims to provide extensive and diverse options to its users. This way, businesses can effortlessly find the perfect form template that aligns with their industry and style.

Heading 4: Embracing Diversity

Contest #13 not only welcomes participants from around the world but also encourages the submission of foreign forms. This creates an opportunity for individuals to showcase culturally influenced designs, making the contest even more vibrant and exciting. The diversity brought by foreign forms adds value to the overall experience and demonstrates the global reach of HighLevel.


HighLevel’s Contest #13 for form templates is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for content creators to shine. By designing visually appealing and industry-specific form templates, participants have a chance to contribute to HighLevel’s ever-growing template library. This contest not only rewards the winners but also fosters a community of talented individuals, continuously raising the bar for excellence in form template design.


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Please feel free to reach out to HighLevel for further assistance regarding the contest and its rules. Best of luck to all participants!