New Features Added to Copy Workflows: Marketplace Actions_Trigger & Internal Action_Trigger Support!


HighLevel, a leading marketing automation platform, has recently introduced exciting new features to enhance the copy workflow action. This update allows users to seamlessly replicate workflows with both marketplace actions and triggers, as well as internally created actions and triggers. With this added flexibility, users can experience a more streamlined and efficient workflow process. In addition, the update includes the ability to view the history and details of copied actions and triggers, providing valuable insights into the status of the copied items. Let’s explore the new features in detail:

I. Greater Flexibility with Marketplace Actions_Trigger & Internal Action_Trigger Support

  • HighLevel’s latest update allows users to copy workflows with marketplace actions and triggers. This means that users can replicate complex workflows with just a few clicks, saving time and effort.
  • With the ability to copy internally created actions and triggers, HighLevel has further expanded its functionality. Now users can easily duplicate customized actions and triggers across multiple workflows, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their campaigns.

II. Seamless Workflow Replication

  • The addition of marketplace actions and triggers in the copy workflow action allows for seamless replication of workflows. Users no longer have to recreate workflows from scratch, saving them valuable time and effort.
  • Whether it’s a high-converting email sequence or a successful sales funnel, users can now replicate their most effective workflows effortlessly, enabling them to scale their marketing efforts faster.

III. Enhanced Visibility with Action and Trigger History

  • One of the most exciting features of this update is the ability to view the history and details of copied actions and triggers. Users can now easily track what has been copied and the status of the copied items.
  • This enhanced visibility enables users to keep tabs on their workflow modifications, ensuring that everything is in order and functioning as intended. With a quick glance, users can access valuable insights about their workflow replication process.

In conclusion, HighLevel’s latest update introduces powerful new features that enhance the copy workflow action. With marketplace actions, trigger support, and the ability to view the history and details of copied items, users can now replicate workflows with greater flexibility and visibility. Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur, these new features will undoubtedly streamline your marketing automation efforts, saving you time and enabling you to achieve greater success. Upgrade to HighLevel today and experience the power of enhanced workflow capabilities.

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