Simplifying Email and SMS Attachments for Effortless Sharing


In today’s fast-paced digital world, communication is key. Whether it’s through email or SMS, we rely heavily on sharing information with others. However, one common frustration many of us face is the hassle of attaching large files to our messages. It slows us down, hinders our productivity, and often leaves us feeling frustrated. But fear not! HighLevel, an innovative software company, has come to the rescue with their groundbreaking video titled “Simplifying Email and SMS Attachments for Effortless Sharing.” In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits presented in the video.

Revolutionizing File Attachments

The video by HighLevel unveils a game-changing feature that allows users to directly add large attachments in conversations from their devices or the media library. This means no more fretting about file size limitations or the tedious process of uploading files separately. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly share large files without breaking a sweat.

No More Size Limit Hassles

Gone are the days of worrying about surpassing the 20-megabyte limit. HighLevel has thoughtfully designed their system to automatically save any file that exceeds this limit to the media library. This ensures that users can focus on what’s important instead of constantly monitoring file sizes.

Link Sharing Made Simple

Instead of burdening recipients with hefty file attachments, HighLevel has simplified the process. Rather than sending the actual file, users can now send a link directly to the file. This not only reduces bandwidth usage but also allows for quicker message delivery. Plus, it makes collaboration smoother, as multiple recipients can access the same file simultaneously.


In conclusion, HighLevel’s video “Simplifying Email and SMS Attachments for Effortless Sharing” demonstrates their commitment to simplifying our digital lives. With their innovative features, users can now say goodbye to the hassle of attaching large files and embrace a more streamlined communication experience. By allowing users to directly add attachments, automatically saving oversized files, and simplifying link sharing, HighLevel has truly revolutionized the way we share information. So, why waste time struggling with archaic file attachment methods? Embrace HighLevel’s innovative solution and start sharing effortlessly today!