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βœ… Course Creators
Make money teaching people what you know.
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βœ… Consultants
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βœ… Small Business Owners
Bring your business to life with our marketing and e-commerce tools. Sell anything to anyone with our point of sale features


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✴️ 96 pages where you will discover:
β€’ The 3 steps to becoming financially independent
β€’ 2 methods to help you find your ideal business side hustle
β€’ The exact numbers of those who’ve achieved financial independence

About the book:
I am Aurelien Amacker, founder of and author of the book “Financial Independence for the Rest of Us”
In this book, I share the strategies that allowed me to become a multimillionaire from scratch.

β€’ Introduction: From broke student to multimillionaire
β€’ Part 1: How to increase your value (and income)
β€’ Part 2: Become an entrepreneur
β€’ Part 3: Become an investor (real estate, stock market, etc.)
β€’ Conclusion: The recipe for happiness

✴️ Money
How to make your first $1,000 Online
I’ve put together a short video course that teaches people how to make their first $1,000 online. I teach the classic… Read more
the classic method which takes time as well as the new faster method.


✴️ Money
$60k in 4 weeks: email marketing made easy During the crisis I gave a few tips to a friend whose retail business was crushed by the pandemic He followed my advice and generated $60k in sales in just 4 weeks!
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✴️ The New System To Launch An Online Business
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In this online course, you will learn the new way to launch an online business The old way: – build an email list – run a survey on your list – create an online course
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