The Perfect Lead Ad and
 Content Nurture Sequence with HighLevel + Jarvis

The Perfect Lead Ad and
 Content Nurture Sequence with HighLevel + Jarvis

You’re probably thinking, “I need to capture leads and turn them into customers fast.”

That’s why we’re doing a live training tomorrow @ 12pm EST.

We’ll show you EXACTLY how to write the perfect Facebook lead ad for an example “Dentist in Austin, TX” using Jarvis. Then the funnel and follow-up sequence built with HighLevel that converts leads fast.

Lead Ad → Landing Page → Email Sequence → Nurture Content

Whether you’re a marketing agency owner or entrepreneur figuring this out yourself, this training is going to be GOLD. 💰

Join the live convo on Jarvis’ Facebook or YouTube.

Did you know? 🧐
An MIT Study on lead generation found that “the odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times.”

THAT’S WHY you need the right marketing automation to successfully convert leads into clients/customers. 👏

With Jarvis writing your ads, emails, and content paired with HighLevel’s marketing automation, you can have a rainfall of customers pouring in every day. 💦

Join this live training this Thursday, October 7th at 12:00 pm EST in the Jarvis Official Facebook Group or on the Jarvis YouTube Channel.

Can’t make it live? The recording will be posted later this week in The Academy.

P.S. This was written 90% by Jarvis 🤖

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