Why is GROOVE, formerly GrooveFunnels, FREE ? 🤷

Why is GROOVE, formerly GrooveFunnels, FREE ? 🤷


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Today’s topic is: Why is Groove, formerly GrooveFunnels, FREE?.
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With no doubt, Groove is the best CRM and Marketing automation platform out there.
It combines some of the most popular marketing tools and software, and it’s adding more all the time. It also comprises two of the top internet marketing experts and veterans as founders: Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta.
Groove, also provides world class education that outranks many paid courses on the market. On top of that, they include a top notch affiliate program that pays weekly commissions to affiliates. They also deliver updates, training, and live interaction, multiple times a week.
So what’s the catch?. Why is Groove FREE?. It’s free, because they want to break the barrier of entry and build a huge community around their brand. They also know that some users will consider upgrading to the full suite of apps. But hey, upgrading is always optional! They also still in beta, so they want as many users as possible to help them do some testing. Their number one priority is to build a community and provide the best service possible, even for free members. But they may not be free forever, especially after beta. So grab your account now.
Visit: https://MarketerProfits.com/GROOVE
If you register your FREE Groove account using our affiliate link, you’ll also receive a 100% FREE Video Course about AFFILIATE MARKETING, as a bonus.
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