25 LinkTree Templates Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so I apologize I'm late on the videos today but we have A ton of them and it's gonna be awesome So let's jump in so first thing is first We have a brand new category here so I'm In the website builder I'm sorry sites Websites new website go to template Library and check this out we have a new Category in here I'm gonna find it I'm Gonna find it this is what happens when You don't like uh look ahead of time Here but don't worry don't worry hold on I'm gonna get there give me two seconds I'm sorry I'm just an idiot just look at Me right in the face so check this out We have brand new linkedring templates That have come out so let's look at the Notes Here 25 of them so you can see Right here they're in the various Categories of like Automotive one and a Beauty and fashion one and health and Wellness one so what does a link tree Um Chase actually did a video on this a While back to like show people how to Create these themselves and I was like Hey why don't we create one like a bunch Of templates for people right so check This out so link trees are like Basically like these I don't know what You call them like business business Cards in a box or like a business card Website I have no idea but anyways makes It super easy for you to create a cool

Page that has like your bio and Interesting links and things that you Need people to get to somebody smarter Than me will probably explain what the Heck of Link tree is you can Google it There's even a whole company that's all They do is link trees but anyways now we Have amazing templates for you to choose From to make cool link trees for Yourself and oh guess this your clients Check it out family law home repair all This good stuff so anyways take a look When you get a chance sitting in the Template section right now jump on it And I will see in the next video thanks