Trip Wire Funnel Secrets Behind The ‘DotCom Secrets’ Book Launch – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Learn the secrets to trip wire offers. How we made $32.10 for every Dotcom Secrets Book we gave away. We reveal in this podcast how and when to use an order bump. The 2 metrics you must know to create and scale any offer. You can also see the video of it on our YouTube channel under FunnelHackerTV.

Show Notes

[0:57] What is Funnel Stacking
[1:35] What is a trip wire funnel?
[3:16] 2 metrics you have to measure in any funnel.
[3:42] Why use a 2 step order form.
[5:28] The key to a 2 step order form.
[6:40] Things we have learned about the pricing.
[8:59] What do you need as your average cart value?
[10:06] What to do next after they buy the product?
[14:30] The secrets on how to downsell a product.
[15:00] Conquering the upsell.
[17:00] What is the offer wall.
[20:08] How tripwire funnels work.

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