3 Types Of Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Turn your leads into commissions using these 3 types of affiliate marketing sales funnels. In this video, I take you step by step through the process and pros and cons of each funnel type.

What is a sales funnel?
Type 1: Basic Affiliate Funnel
Type 2: The Standard Affiliate Funnel
Type 3: The Best Affiliate Funnel

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First, what is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel is basically the journey and steps potential customers go starting from not knowing about your business or your product all the way up to the point where they’re ready to buy one of your offers.

Basically, it’s the conversion process of turning people into paying customers.

In this video we’re going to talk about the two most common ways you can set up a sales funnel for your affiliate offers. The only difference between an affiliate funnel and a regular funnel is with the affiliate funnel you don’t own the product. So you can use both of these sales funnels the same exact way if you actually own the product.

The main difference is affiliate marketing you don’t have control of the sales page.

You essentially send traffic to someone else’s sales page and from there you lose all control.

All right so I’m going to talk about the three levels of affiliate marketing funnels that you can set up to promote your affiliate offers.

So this first one is the most simple super basic strategy that must brand new affiliate marketers use and that’s to send all the traffic that they create directly to the sales page of the affiliate offer.

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