3DS Rolled Out for LC Phone Email

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so uh this is a Really interesting topic area that's Kind of uh we'll zoom out and then we'll Zoom back in so first up Um I didn't know what this was um until Recently so if anybody's ever heard of 3DS Um you can ignore this because that's What I'm about to explain so anyways There's this credit card technology Security feature thing called 3DS and Essentially it works like this you go to Checkout so like let's do a visual here Uh you go to buy something for your Credit card and then when you hit pay it Sends it to the bank and the bank says Okay well wait a second do I think that This card it's funny they show the Spinning um that this card is like you Know it like does this look like a legit Transaction or is there anything weird About it at all that I'm concerned about And if there is it's gonna do this it's Gonna pop up this window and it's going To send you a text on your phone and It's going to say hey please enter your Confirmation code uh to validate that This is actually you now there's a Couple of cool things here so one on the Merchant side if you actually use 3DS You actually are not uh uh you're not Liable for the chargeback code of fraud Pod which is pretty cool there are other

Chargeback codes people can use but the Fraud one you get rid of which is Awesome and the big thing that we have Found is this actually cuts down on Actual fraud so here's what's here's Where we're so now let's Zoom back in so What do we do with 3DS today and we're Gonna bring it out tomorrow so today if You're on the LC phone system here's What we here's what we had happen to a Couple of customers so basically someone Took real credit cards so this is like Darn near Unstoppable so real people's Credit cards that they have stolen Elsewhere and use them to sign up for SAS accounts and use them to start Sending out actual text messages and the Problem there is the messages themselves Were phishing messages they were like Hey your UPS package is delayed click Here to update your credit card and I Have no idea why people would actually Believe any of that but they actually Did and so it was creating this first of All those messages are terrible to begin With right those people are terrible but They were sending them out it was it was A big issue and so the way we stopped it Is we uh we added 3DS to every time that Uh you actually go and uh and basically Buy a phone number or before you're able To send any Tech text messages or emails Out on uh on on LC phone and email on SAS accounts uh and maybe that's

Actually yeah I think that's I think That's the right explanation so anyways Um now that was just version one we did That to literally stop an issue in Progress um and we rolled this out like A week ago now some of you Um were saying hey why am I getting this Bad request let me show you what that Looked like Okay so if you look at this screenshot Here it's a little blurry I'm sorry but Basically when you went to buy a phone Number some people were complaining About this bad request this is exactly Because of the 3DS thing that we Launched here's how you fix it reload Your screen so basically you just need To pull down some new code that allows The pop-up to occur Um but what this has done is it has a Limited fraud uh from from uh any of the Sign ups wherever I wanted to go there For me the sign ups and it's an awesome Step now in the future we're going to be Adding this as an option that you can Enable on everything payments related Um and and we're working on the product Stuff right now but we needed to get This in place urgently I wasn't even Going to announce this actually until I Found out about that bad request issue So anyways this is three minutes of Explanation so I apologize going long But I really did want to walk you

Through the how when and why and all That so anyways I hope you're having an Awesome Thursday and I will talk to you In a minute on another video thanks