A B Email Testing Even Better than Before!

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so it's funny When I when I see these amazing Enhancements I feel like I still have to Backtrack so um how many of you know we Have full email marketing capabilities Raise your hand okay for those of you Didn't know we do and then from for Those of you who who knew that we had Full email marketing capabilities how Many of you knew you could a B test Email campaigns to see which one is Better uh uh oh that's right probably Not as many as I would hope but you can So that's the great news and then Finally today we're making it even Better so check this out so based on Customer feedback and by the way this is How we do everything in our business Um um we want to be able to actually go In and send the campaign and store all The variations of the subject line Content and email so for the a b subject Type campaigns because you can a B test Both subject lines and content so FYI The user will now be able to see the Subject lines for all variants in the Campaign stats and for the a b content Type of campaigns Um you'll be able to see the content Variation uh tab along with the content Preview for each variation and the user Will be able to preview for each Variation uh before sending so for

Example after 10 days if you want to go Back and send the same same email or They would like to avoid the one that Was not a winner you'll be able to do That so let's take a look real quick at Some screenshots which kind of help us Visualize this right so when you're Going in here's the under the email Section on the marketing section right Excuse me under the campaign section you Can see that this is an A B test because It's labeled which is awesome if you Click load more statistics right so what We're going to see here is we're going To see this window pop up which this is A scroll the scroll down version so now You can see let's say if it's a subject Line you can actually see all the actual Variants here so which one was the Winner which other variants were tested Uh and then obviously if it's a Content Campaign same deal right so you're Actually able this is super cool look at This so you click on these right so you Click a you click winner click C click d Right you'll be able to actually see the Content of those emails so you can Actually quickly see like wait a second What was the content that was the winner So I think this is such a huge awesome Thing and then of course when it's small Like this you want to be able to see it In a bigger form so you click the Preview button and you can see exactly

The full email right so like huge props To the team for this enhancement really Make an AV subject uh or maybe email Testing a lot better Um and I love the fact that this all Came from uh from customer feedback so Anyways I hope all of you have an Amazing Thursday check this out if you Haven't done it already and and we will Talk to you in the next video thanks