A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Transactions, Invoices, and Subscriptions in the CRM Contact Live

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Transactions, Invoices, and Subscriptions in the CRM Contact Live


Have you ever wondered how you can seamlessly integrate your transactions, subscriptions, and invoices within a CRM contact record? Look no further! HighLevel has just released a game-changing feature that allows users to view all transaction-related information, subscriptions, and invoices directly inside the contact record. This innovative addition eliminates the need for users to navigate back and forth from the Transactions tab, making it easier than ever to manage customer interactions efficiently.

Accessing Transaction Information Made Simple

Gone are the days of sifting through multiple tabs and screens to find transaction information. With the new release, users can now access all the necessary details right from the contact record itself. This time-saving enhancement ensures that every transaction detail is just a click away, enabling users to provide seamless customer support.

A Seamless Customer Experience

In addition to streamlining access to transaction information, the feature allows users to run charges for customers in line. This means that without any extra hassle or time-consuming steps, users can efficiently manage payment processes, enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of errors. With HighLevel CRM Contact Live, providing your customers with a seamless experience has never been easier.

Simplifying Invoicing and Subscriptions

HighLevel’s latest release also simplifies the management of invoices and subscriptions. By integrating these features into the contact record, users no longer have to switch back and forth between different sections of the CRM. Now, all billing and subscription details are readily available, ensuring smooth communication with customers regarding payments and subscriptions.


In conclusion, HighLevel’s CRM Contact Live offers a comprehensive solution for managing transactions, invoices, and subscriptions within your CRM. With the ability to conveniently access transaction information, run charges in line, and simplify invoicing and subscriptions, this feature empowers users to provide exceptional customer support and improve overall workflow efficiency. Upgrade your CRM experience today with HighLevel CRM Contact Live.