A2P 10DLC SMS Sole Prop Registration for LC Phone is Live! 1

Hey happy Thursday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so today's gonna Be a weird one because I feel like I'm Kind of like prefacing each video with Like small little thing rolling into the Big little the big big little thing the Big thing anyways um the small thing for This is four new email templates have Been published so up at the top there Market one for marketing agency one for Beauty and Fashion one for other and one For Creative if you didn't know this we Have a full email Builder that does full Email marketing so congratulations if You didn't know that know that even Better we have these all these amazing Templates to make it super easy to get Going so if you didn't know that Congratulations you now know that and Now there are four additional templates There so when you go into the email Builder you hit new uh email you could Say choose from template and that's Where you're gonna find those things so That's that one now let's move on to the Main event here which is Sole prop registration has been launched So okay let's wind this back ooh this is A big topic okay so I have said this in A billion other videos and a billion Other places in a billion other times But let's do it again A2p10d LC ATP 10 DLC if you haven't Googled that please for gosh sakes do so

Here's what it is the world of SMS is Changing and has been radically changing Over the last 18 months let's just Remember 18 months ago prior to that Remember all these texts and maybe still Get some of them that are from people That aren't uh who they say they are or People you don't want to hear from and They're like showing up in your uh in Your messaging thing right you're like Mad about that and so was everybody else So they so basically everyone was going To their carriers and going to their Elected officials and this is again in The United States primarily and saying Hey I don't don't want these what the Heck and the government basically said Listen carriers if you don't act we're Going to so the carriers heard that Message they moved as swiftly as Fortune 500 government companies can move and They created a centralized registry that Is designed to force everyone who wants To send messages through a carrier's Network to a consumer to register to Identify themselves via something that Is sort of unmistakable so this is an EIN number if you're a business or an SSN a social security number if you're An individual And and so the idea here is that as we Move forward in time if you choose to Send text messages a couple things are Going to happen so soon not now but soon

And I think we think September 1st ish Um the the rule is going to come down by From the carriers if you want to send Text messages period Bar None you have To be register for a 2p10 DLC and if You're not you will be denied so heads Up this is not a uh it's this is not Like a want to do this is a have to do And by the way I'll be the first person To tell you I hate all this but I kind Of get it and here's and in the long Term it's gonna be great because it's Going to mean that all the people who Are sending spam are going to go away And all the people who are not setting Spam are gonna be here to stay and that Should mean that you're gonna get wildly Better delivery for your customers Wildly better results but you're also Going to have to be a little bit more Cautious on how you do things so all That to say Um what was what is out what was out Yesterday or before this was uh normal Ein business registration AKA I have an EIN number I can register now what this Is is this is literally what we call Sole prop registration and this just Means hey I don't have any in I am an LLC a sole prop uh sort of type business In the United States thusly I operate Under my Social Security number so how Do I register for a2p10 DLC that is what This is all about and you can you know

Pop and sort of pause here and read uh If you want to but let's talk through This um individuals and smes who not Happy ends will not be able to use sole Prop registration Um they would just need a business name A first name last name email phone Um to which they have SMS capabilities Like your personal mobile phone the Number the uh the number will be used For verification purposes like 2fa right Kind of thing uh and then and then There's some enhancements layered in Here so you now have the option to copy Account SIDS from non-lc accounts oh by The way this only operates inside lead Connector uh folks so uh heads up if you Use twilio directly they already have This built in I don't know if they've Launched Soul prop you'll have to check But I think so um so you can do all this Inside twilio if you want to or you can Obviously this brings us into lead Connector so email templates for moving Numbers uh now has a subject field uh What this is enhancement sort of in Another area here and twilio words Removed for uh removed from calling Voicemail settings available in Team Management I don't know what that is but Someone will be like yes that's exactly What I needed anyways so we have a Massive help doc here but let's kind of Walk this through so here so when you go

To uh this is kind of the the widget or A wizard excuse me that you use to do The registration uh and you can see here It costs money by the way and um this is Not us charging you this is literally The carriers charging uh charging you And we're just passing this along so um And this is yet another way for the Carriers oh and by the way all of this Is also an opera make money as you Probably have figured out but you can See here you choose sole prop Registration you go through the process Um and then you can see here that we're Trying to tell you Um what is necessary as you go through The the process in order to help guide You to make that happen Um it's just you know it's literally Just filling out some fields and again It's very basic um but it is very Necessary and in fact in a future State We'll make it so that you have to do This when buying a phone number one Quick question I've heard of many times Is like can I register on behalf of my Customer well sort of you need to use Their info I suppose so you could just Gather that and do it on their behalf But at the end of the day it really Ought to be them doing it because in Some sense it's a legal uh sort of Situation they're getting into they're Putting their company in the sort of

Centralized database that all the Carriers use they assess a score oh and Yeah and so I'm sorry just to close this Out I know it's been going along and I Apologize but I just I I know this is a Big deal this is a big change I really Want to be as as thoughtful as I can Here the whole point of this is to score You um as a business be a sole prop Business or a normal business and the Idea is that people who send messages That people don't want so you know like When you get those messages you don't Want and you hit the spam button here's What is happening that information is Now going all the way back to that Carrier registry the carrier registry is Taking that as a strike against the Brand or against the registration or Against the company and if you get Enough strikes against it boom you're Gone and you'll never ever get again be Able to send text messages for Forevermore and the idea is you can you Can you can run but you can't see this Is the whole idea that registration Being centralized you can change Carriers you can change providers you Can change numbers but they still know Who you are and and so this is something That I think is really important for Marketers to hear you need to help your Clients understand that they cannot just Take big lists blast out whatever the

Heck they want and expect nothing to Happen in the nearer and dear future There's lots of bad things will happen It will probably get fined if they're Not UTP registered they are and or and Or the messages will cease to go through Um and or Um they will no longer ever be able to Send message again maybe there'll be Some kind of process where you know you Can uh where it can simmer down and all That and all of that to say a lot of That is unknown which there's nothing to Do that with that we just have to wait As time goes on today it's pretty simple Register for ATP 10 DLC please please Please and just start being really Thoughtful about who you're messaging And when you're messaging them so that You're not getting people to hit the Spam button so with all that in mind six Minutes and 53 seconds and counting I Would like to say thank you to everybody And we will talk soon thanks