AI Affiliate Suite by Chris Derenberger is a training course on using AI technology including ChatGPT to create high-quality, SEO optimized product reviews that actually rank in search engines.

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Leverage AI-powered content & in-depth product reviews to effortlessly build high-ranking, conversion-driven affiliate sites and maximize your earnings potential.

If you are ready to create a successful affiliate website using AI this is the best tool that you will always have.

With AI Affiliate Suite you can create the following:
Google friendly content and product reviews in minutes nearly hands free!
ChatGPT helps you create a organized outline of your website in minutes!
Create content for any topic, article, or niche nearly on demand.
ChatGPT creates SEO optimized content that Google loves and ranks.
Spend just pennies for each piece of content you add to your website.

You will see EVERYTHING I do to create these niche-based affiliate websites using 100% AI content.

Watch as I start from scratch to buy a new domain name, install WordPress, and exactly how I create all the content using ChatGPT and Midjourney for images.

You’ll see how I gather the content and the exact prompts I use in ChatGPT to generate long-form content that follows Google’s guidelines for product reviews and actually ranks!

Within just 1 week of building this BRAND NEW website on a BRAND NEW domain name, it’s already getting Amazon product reviews ranked on the first page of Google without ANY other work!

After the website starts building authority, these rankings will EXPLODE!

Imagine once you have hundreds of reviews ranking in Google for product reviews…

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Hey guys I just wanted to make a video And introduce you to my new course that I’m going to be launching here on the 16th at 10 A.M called AI affiliate Suite Now in the first comment under this Video I will put a link that will take You to the JV page if you’re interested In promoting this product but what I Want to do in this video is just show You what this is about to see if it’s a Fit for your customers because obviously I don’t want you promoting this course If it’s not something you think it is a Good fit for you so this course is all About using AI such as chat GPT and Mid-journey to create 100 AI based Affiliate sites for product reviews in Fact this entire course is based around A case study where I go out and buy a Brand new domain name that’s never been Registered before I install WordPress And then I show you how to use chat GPT To set up the outline for your site to Give you the categories to create on Your website even to use chat to create All your legal Pages your about Pages Your contact pages and then I show you How to use chat GPT to create in-depth Informational articles as well as Product reviews that actually rank in Search engines the domain name that I Bought for this case study is less than Two weeks old and already if I jump over To Google I’m not going to be revealing

What this domain is in this video that Is for part of the course but you can See here that there’s already 10 results Indexed in Google from a brand new Website in less than two weeks and the Best part is I don’t even have an SEO Plug-in installed on my WordPress site I Didn’t create a site map I didn’t even Submit this to my Google webmaster Console now these are product reviews From Amazon but it doesn’t matter what Affiliate product it is or what Affiliate Network it’s from this same Strategy that I use and these prompts That I’m going to give you to create These product reviews will work with any Affiliate Network and any affiliate Product now the ones that I’ve been Doing from Amazon are doing very well in Fact this product here that I can’t Reveal in this video but it is in the Course I posted six days ago and it is Ranking number two on Google for the Product name plus review now I’m doing This exact same thing with my launch Jacking website which is giving me top Rankings for almost every product review That we create and it’s all created Using AI content so in this course these Are the videos you’re going to get video One is going to be a video where I talk About what I believe is going to be the Future of AI for affiliate marketing I Go in and explain some of the AI tools

That I use I tell you how to go about Getting a web host so you can get Started with a website if you’re not Already familiar with that and then how You can use chat GPT to pick a really Good brandable domain name then I show You how easy it is to install WordPress And then we really get into the good Stuff where I use chat GPT to create my Website categories all of my legal pages And then the informational blog articles And this is actually a multiple step Process that I use here to create this And I give you the exact prompts that I Use for this I’m then going to talk About some of the Google guidelines for Product reviews and then I show you how To create these product reviews based Upon Google’s guidelines with chat GPT And finally I have a video that’s going To be showing you how to use mid journey To create images for your blog and Another thing I love about this is one Of my AI review blogs just got approved For AdSense there’s going to be three Upsells which are highly relevant to This front end if you want to check Those out go ahead and jump into the JV Doc link which will be underneath this Page and you can find all the details There so if you’re interested in Promoting this leave a comment below let Me know if you need something extra Message me and I will make sure I get it

To you thanks again guys have a great Day