AI Affiliate Suite REVIEW| How To Use ChatGPT To Create Google Friendly WordPress Affiliate Sites

AI Affiliate Suite REVIEW| How To Use ChatGPT To Create Google Friendly WordPress Affiliate Sites

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AI Affiliate Suite is a course that shows affiliate marketers how to build WordPress affiliate websites using 100% AI content from ChatGPT that ranks in search engines.

AI Affiliate Suite shows specific prompts to use to build in-depth informational articles and product reviews that follows Google guidelines.

Users will see step-by-step how to use ChatGPT to choose a domain name, categories for your website, all the necessary legal pages, as well as product reviews and informational type content all structured around Google’s guidelines that rank.

AI Affiliate Suite Training Videos Include:

• The effects of AI on the Future of Affiliate Marketing

• Exploring different AI tools used to create content

• Picking a web host for your WordPress site

• Using ChatGPT to pick a domain name

• Installing WordPress

• Updating WordPress settings

• Using ChatGPT to create the website categories

• Using ChatGPT to create Contact, About, & legal pages

• Using ChatGPT to create in-depth informational blog articles

• Understanding Google’s guidelines for product reviews

• Using ChatGPT to create Google friendly product reviews

• Using Midjourney to create images for your website


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Hey guys Sylvia here and welcome to my AI affiliate Suite review Well well well well I am right inside of The members area of AI affiliate Suite Okay as you can see I’m just scrolling through the members Area of this year obviously you know I Have watched everything it has taken me Well over two hours to go through the Whole training okay so as you can see These modules here to the left there are Quite a few of them you know it’s all to Do with WordPress sites with ranking WordPress Site with using AI to create a highly Ranking SEO friendly WordPress sites Okay I will go into the details in the Later part of my my review for now I Just want to bring your attention to the Fact that it is going live today okay Tuesday the 16th of May 10 a.m New York Time And this product is by this guy here Chris darrenberger okay now there’s um Something that must be stated right off The bat I mean must be sad about this Vendor Chris darrenberger okay let me Check and well show you his Warrior Plus Profile so this is AI AI affiliate Suite obviously a few Upsells will go which I totally love and I’ll show you the upstairs I’ll show you Know I explained to you why I really Really like them just just free upsells

Not too much and now I just want to show You his score because that’s critical Right and now check this out guys five Stars all right you’re in good hands Chris is super experienced guy and a Good quality vendor it’s a he is a Quality vendor without the shadow of a Doubt okay now if we go to the to the Sales page and I I will attach the link To the sales page go check it out it’s Going to be below my review go scroll Through the sales page read through it Is a very like Hands-On concise Short and sweet to the point with all of The needed information Sales page okay he shows you all of the Modules it’s very transparent so you Know what you’re getting all of the Modules you’re getting in the training Course okay it’s very well described he Brings very Um important points here He talks about how you know that the Fact that you know these websites will Be SEO friendly and they will Rank and How why because he you know he creates Them and uses chat GPT to create content To those websites Taking into account Google’s guidelines Okay so he follows Google Google’s Guidelines that’s why Google likes those Websites like surprisingly strangely Because you know we know I know because I know myself I I was very skeptical

About that was like AI content and Google likes it I was like hi how come There are more and more ways to detect AI written content but here’s the thing I mean I’m gonna mention this now Chris Has been around for years okay he says He is a seven figure affiliate marketer He’s an expert when it comes to YouTube But also building affiliate websites so Not it’s very very well known for his YouTube Um expertise okay he has a few YouTube Channels which rang really really well But hey he has also you know over the Course of his careers he has also Created more than Um 850 plus WordPress websites focused On affiliate marketing so I think he Knows a thing about a thing or two about How to rank WordPress websites to do With affiliate marketing you know I Shall think so right And yeah and going back to the fact About Um you know AI create created content Ranking Google likes it yes because Chris does it in a way in a very smart Way and he covers everything in the Training course You know uh how to actually take Google’s guidelines into consideration Not just that but how to implement them And make sure you follow them so Google Sort of has no excuse okay

Um but to rank them rank them nicely Highly well all right Okay so guys here is the members area We’ll get back to that now I will not be Spending much time on the sales page I’m Not going to be spending any time on it As a matter of fact okay go check it out It’s gonna be below my review now what I Want to also show you before we dig in And I’m gonna cover everything together With the upsells I I will have quite a Bit to say about the upstairs as well so Stay tuned because I really really like This whole funnel Um and together with the training course As I said I have watched all of the Videos paying close attention because I Think like unless you’ve really gone Through the product There’s no way you can review it Properly okay so now like now I mean I’ve always try and do that but Especially these days I’m very sort of Like selective And I I don’t do many reviews I try and Pick the best products out there and you Know after having gone through the Product if I think it doesn’t really Deliver much value Uh I skip it okay Even having invested time into going Through this product so but hey through This product through Chris’s product Creases through this AI affiliate Suite

Uh I check it out I did check it out I I Listened word for word and I was like This is nice okay this is really good Good content good value it’s very Beginner friendly it’s super newbie Friendly it’s like perfect for those who Don’t even have a WordPress website yet Does starting that they’re thinking of Setting up one And they want to do it in a smart way so It’s perfect for those people it’s very Newbie friendly for advanced WordPress Users no I I wouldn’t say it’s the right Product for those people okay even Though you will you may still learn a Few you know sort of tips and tricks Um sort of additional bits of Information you might have not been Aware of even though you’re an advanced WordPress site user okay Um but I would say it is Specifically focus on newbies on Beginners So go for it even though like you have a Website but you have not been working Much on it you’re thinking of ways on How to improve it and how to implement AI to start ranking web better and how To like speed up the process of content Creation go for it because you will find A lot of value in this training course And guys my bonuses are like quite Amazing quite amazing okay now with just

The front end if you pick it up via the Link below my review and I am proudly Promoting it okay And you will get three top quality WordPress plugins so I cannot think of Products which would you know recommend This training course better because it’s All around WordPress sites right and if You click through here okay you’re gonna Be taken to this page instantly once you Access my bonus delivery page from your Warrior Plus account obviously Uh then check this out you will get These three top quality plugins and ha And hey ho there by Mark has my Mark has Is another vendor I totally love his Stuff uh therefore I have actually Recently decided to purchase quite a few Reseller rides Uh reseller rise to quite a few of his Products and these are some of the Products I got the gevo sorry the Giveaway rights too so guys I I Purchased them myself and I’m sharing You know these uh products these plugins With my buyers okay now sorry about the Noise there’s a renovation going on at The back I mean upstairs well but hey ho Live now here’s the plugin number one so It’s the secure WordPress plugin so it’s Going to detect all like sort of Malicious insecure codes this and that Coming your way like and and again WordPress plugins and you know with the

Second one let’s move on is a WordPress Quick code scan is also to do with Security and number three bonus the Plugin is WordPress tier traffic all to Do with targeting the best sort of Traffic that that will convert it’s also A plugin now I’m not going to go in Depth because because it would take me Ages to do with these plugins what you Will do okay with these products you Just you get instant access you just Click through here takes you directly to The plugin to the members area you get The instructions here here the downloads This is Mark has okay and you get the You click here to download the WordPress WordPress quick code scanner in this Case plugin okay and voila so the it’s Yours and also guys if you pick up one Of the domains I’ll be talking about it Not the mice one of the options I’ll be Talking about to do with domains to do With expired AI domains I will point to Which upsell I’m talking about I’m gonna Also give you access to this expired AI Domain search tool which I have happened To find out find out about okay when you Do research and when you I mean when you Have connections as well people can Recommend stuff to you and it’s a free Tool but many people would not be aware Of okay it’s this free tool and for Example you can search I’ll give you Access to this free tool okay if you

Pick up that upsell but check this out For example you you put in a prompt here All right and then after you’ve click Generate there you go you see you have Some expired domains to do with internet Marketing you can then you’re gonna be Taken to namecheap and you can check out The expired domains you know patch um Like getting the expired domain will Give you a lack up when it comes to Ranking okay ranking faster I’m gonna Give you more information on that later On But I have I have been quite skeptical Myself and I’ve I I did ask around and I Did ask around amongst like Um Experience vendors as well and some of Them were on the sort of on the edge not Too sure about that okay they were like It’s a black hat sort of tactic and then I asked another vendor as well and they Confirmed to me that it’s very very it’s More like a gray gray hat gray hat uh You know strategy method and people do It all the time okay to help with Ranking and it’s very very uh it’s very Very effective as long as it’s done Properly as long as it’s done properly That’s very important so it will Definitely give you a leg up when it Comes to boosting your SEO According to Some experienced vendors I’ll cover more Of that more about that when I when I

Discuss the upsells but there are only Free upsells so going back to my bonuses You’re gonna get these and plus some Exceptional training courses on Affiliate marketing traffic generation And email email marketing by an amazing Vendor okay guys now having said that Let’s move on to move on to the training Area let me show you what you will get With just the front end of this product Now as you can see to the left okay There is some like introduction Information from Chris watch this Introduction video from here uh from Here you can you know join his Facebook Group follow him on on Facebook I have Joined his Facebook group okay Um now totally like quality guy great Vendor creates exceptional excellent Training courses again having said that Some of them are more advanced Um and others like this one specifically Is more for beginners okay so it’s super Newbie friendly it is super newbie Friendly and now I don’t have a WordPress website yes not yes no yet Because I don’t need one okay but you Know I will set up one soon and after Having gone through this all of the Content in the training course it is Very clear to me how to do it and I Could easily follow this training course Because he takes you you know over over The shoulder and covers every single

Thing to do with installing everything Setting up the hosting picking up the Domain and it’s all done with the help With of chat GPT now he is a chat he Uses chat GPT 3. uh 3.5 which is free Right the free one but he also uses the Chat GPT version 4 which is monthly Monthly payment I believe I think it’s 20 bucks but you know you don’t have to Use it if you if you don’t don’t want to You can stick to the To the free one even though he does not Hide the fact that chat gpt4 is better At doing at creating Um some kind of content okay Right Now uh here as you can see this this and That is these are upsells in case you Haven’t picked up the upsells uh after Buying the front end and from here you Access the support and hold on now let Me show you the members area from here So first you will talk about in this one About the future of affiliate marketing Okay and now he says you like here are Some recent product reviews and rankings On my vids Society website using hundred Percent AI content from chat GPT and the Exact same steps taught in the course so He he shows you a lot of proof Throughout the training course on how His uh newly purchased domains and mind You he I’m sure I’m sure he that purchase he built those

Website on expired domains that’s why Like it would be smart if you did if you Did follow his training course on Expired domains as well which is an Upsell okay But with the front end alone you’re Getting crazy amount of value too over Two hours of very comprehensive clear With clear instructions he’s got a Beautiful voice I must say I really Enjoy listening to uh his training Videos okay so that’s the first video Next video is exploring AI tools okay And he will cover the the tools he uses So chat GPT and mid-journey okay and you Can access them from here Um now mid Journey I’m not sure if You’re familiar with mid-journey I uh I Did join me Journey okay this is my Account I was creating some pictures This and that here you can upscale I Mean you give prompts and to mid-journey Bot and you can upscale them upscale Upscale Upscale them and if there is one you Want this you’ll like specifically you Can get variations of a picture this Picture specific picture okay and they Will be unique that’s the that’s the Nice thing about it Okay so that’s what he talks about here He talks about the AI tools you would be Using to create content onto your to Your

Needed for your WordPress websites okay Then he will discuss the hosting now the The hosting platform he recommends is uh Hostinger okay it’s apparently a decent One so you may as well follow it unless You’ve got your own hosting then that’s Fine don’t worry about it that you’re Happy with and don’t worry about it now How to pick a domain name okay And from here You know here obviously you see the Prompt you’ll need to give to chat gp2 Chat GPD to create You know best domains okay around like a Specific topic so you can even use chat GPT for that okay in the next video he Will go about installing WordPress and Yeah he shows you what you have to do Basically so as I said it’s super Beginner friendly and then he goes Through basic but more than basic WordPress settings okay uh like based on That after having gone through these Videos I was like okay I know how to I Know how to install it I know how to set It up all good and he gives a lot of Tips and tricks and what plugins to use What not to he says like some plugins Are just you know useless get rid of Them and there are like a few plugins he Recommends and Sorry and he only recommends Um like Again a few plugins okay but effective

Good ones so yeah he named the plugins He normally uses on his affiliate sites Here and the theme he uses the sock Called bloggers theme So yeah he makes personal Recommendations and then he goes further Through the setup of WordPress Categories and again he would use this Prompt Um to select the categories around Around the specific topic depending on What your Website is about what kind of Niche now Then he will show you how to create Websites website pages okay using chat GPT and yeah again you’ve got the Prompts here And yeah it’s quite a quite a an Extensive video to almost 12 minutes Long then how to create informational Products so basically to create those Reviews he gives specific prompts to Chat GPD he takes for example content From Air not AI from Amazon but it can Be any other affiliate platforms okay ClickBank Warrior plus gvzoo and he Formulates The Prompt in a way that Chair GPT will create Um Google Google friendly SEO friendly Review which will rank okay and that’s The beauty of it and it’s really that Really is the case as you can see all of The prompts here Are for you to use and then he goes

Through the Google’s guidelines and That’s why here you can access the Google guidelines by clicking the link Here what to follow when it comes to Creating reviews so Google will like Them okay and that that’s the key to why His reviews rank so well and again they Rank well because he does what Google Wants all right Now creating product reviews Um yeah so this is like almost 20 Minutes video a very good video as well And all of the prompts and it’s gonna be Like Because he gives such Specific Instructions here to chat GPT even to do With the phone then you can literally Copy and paste and do a very very little Editing okay after having pasted the The content from chat GPT into your WordPress website on the post okay that You know is really really time saving Big time now creating AI images again With the help of mid-journey now guys be Aware mid journey is no longer offering A a free trial apparently so you’ll need To subscribe to one of the plans I think The cheapest plan if you want you know Mid-journey created unique pictures And yeah Will be around 10 bucks I believe okay So just be aware of that now this one Here will be about installing a done for You theme so if you decide to pick up

This Um Done for your WordPress themes Bumping into my microphone then Chris will show you how to do it and It’s such a big Big Time Saver I’m gonna Go through this upsell because I really Like it okay you got it basically if you It takes minutes if not seconds You just install the theme and it’s boom On your web WordPress website within a Matter of seconds and it overrides Everything okay so that’s the thing Like the theme is ready your website is Ready with all the posts with with Everything I’ll show you once I’m going Through this episode and then in the Last video he will go through the well Through the how to build Authority and He will cover the the links the Foundational links the guests that guest Post and and and so on and so forth okay Uh and he does like recommend hear this Like expired domains upsell because it Will teach you uh it’s a series of Videos it will teach you how to pick the The right expired domains how to do it Correctly and if that’s done the right Way it will save you months and months Of work Um of work of creating content you know Regularly Because you know that will determine on How well your website will rank but

Again if it’s built on an expired domain If it’s done right away you will rank Much much faster this way but it has Again it has to be done properly Now all right so again here is the link To the sales page to front end and you Will find it below my review after You’ve grabbed the front end you will be Taken to this upsell number one okay First maybe let me show you the upsell So upsell number one is called redirect Guard for 37 bucks and it’s a shortening Um a link shortening WordPress plugin Design specifically for affiliate Marketers okay now expired domains is Upsell number two and if you pick up This app so specifically I’m gonna give You this uh Search tool as well that is Super cool okay But this one is a video series that Shows where to buy and how to use Expired domains to quickly build and of Like sort of offer of Authority website That ranks and brings in traffic okay And the last upsell I really like it is Super like value packed this is a Collection of 54 done for you WordPress Niche templates to help users quickly Get up the sites up and running and like You have your size ready within minutes And it’s in all kinds of niches and also Comes with the commercial license so After having bought this training course You will be taken through this upsell to

Do with this affiliate brandable Affiliate links the next one is to do With those expired domains that’s the Upsell number two read through even he Shows you what kind of training like Videos you will get here so read it read Everything because his website he’s like Sales pages are done to the point like No BS okay guys what you see is it’s Actually what you get okay and this is The last upsell now I could play this Video here Uh where he talks about how quickly you Get all of those done for you Themes installed and you know here you Have the examples of all of the themes Like check out these beautiful themes so You would have your websites up and Running with in no time in no time I Mean it okay and it comes with the Commercial license for so you can use it For your clients Right guys Um again the link to the sales page will Be right below my review go check it out And don’t forget my standard bonuses of Course the all yours that are so so Value-packed uh that they’re gonna blow Your socks off And I’m not even joking all right guys Love you and leave you that was my AI Affiliate Suite review And yeah have a beautiful day and I Shall see you soon bye