AI Affiliate Suite Review – Legit ChatGPT Sites?

AI Affiliate Suite Review – My No1 System:

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My AI Affiliate Suite Review – legit training on making money with ChatGPT affiliate review sites or just a WarriorPlus scam launch?

We dive into the course contents and AI Affiliate Suite Reviews.

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AI affiliate Suite hey there welcome to My AI affiliate Suite review and this is A really cool product launch which Teaches you how to use chat GPT AI to Create your own product review sites and Rank them on Google and Target those Review keywords in the search engines For those affiliate sales so I like the Strategy and before we dive into this AI Affiliate Suite review I’m just to let You know my name is Adam from web Traffic toolkit I generate a full-time Income on the internet with digital Marketing very much focused on traffic Generation and list building for me Which has worked for over 10 years doing This now which is really cool and if you Click the link in the video description You can discover my current number one Recommended system to plug into right Now it’s a complete done for you system And a really cool way to get started Getting your own traffic your own email List and building up that realistic Full-time income on the internet so Click the link in the video description Below for my current number one Recommended online system so what I like The look of with AI affiliate Suite is It’s not a software tool where you Simply type in a word and it spits out AI articles and it’s basically just a Software this is more of a training Program to teach you how to create your

Own affiliate websites using Ai and chat GPT to actually create the content so a Lot of the criticisms I have on a lot of Product launches that happen nowadays is It’s just software and there’s not much Training on how to use it or there’s no Strategy behind using that software So a complete beginner is not going to Know how to use this AI software they’re Not going to know what prompts to use What to do with the content that gets Created how to structure it around and Internet marketing strategy and game Plan so in my opinion a lot of the other Software launches I’ve had a look at it Would be much better if it was simply Training on how to understand to use Chat GPT better how to do the prompts And how to create a marketing game plan So you actually know how to use the Content and this is one of those Products with AI affiliate Suite because It’s more focused on the training I Understand the basics I understand how To create this marketing plan strategy So actually know what you’re doing you Don’t just have software where you don’t Really know what to make use of it so I Like the more training based approach to AI affiliate Suite so it’s basically an A to Z step by step training video Course on how to use AI to create Affiliate review sites and actually get AI to create the content for you so it

Goes through the entire process such as I’m researching what niches you want to Target are the different tools available To create the content and it even starts Right from the point of creating a web Host and a domain to create your own WordPress site to upload the content to And you can even use chat gbt to create Some quite clever brandable names and That you could purchase the domain name For to help with your review sites by Targeting some like catchy names and Chat GPT can help out with that and it Goes through all the technical aspects Such as setting up WordPress getting That hooked up to your domain and Getting content published on the website They show you how to properly structure And prompt chat gbt to create affiliate Review articles that you can then rank In the search engines get traffic and Get affiliate sales and even it covers The Privacy policies or the legal Pages Disclosures and everything like that Contact pages about pages is also um Rated with chat GPT they show you how to Use it and with a product review sites They are quite a good way of getting Affiliate sales because users on the Internet who are searching for a Specific product so they might type Product name and then the word review After it they’re looking to buy their Product so they’re at the end of the

Sales funnel process because when They’re actually researching a product They’re looking to make a purchase so You could be the affiliator that gets The last click before they visit the Sales page and then you could close the Sale so that’s why a lot of Beginnings Start off by doing product reviews Because it’s quite an easier way of Getting your first sale under your belt Is by targeting product keywords rather Than generic SEO informational keywords Product keywords convert really well Into sales if you manage to get the Traffic and from the search engine Rankings and this course shows you Exactly how to use chat GPT to structure Your review posts properly so you can Get a good chance of ranking on Google And converting the videos to buying Customers of whatever product you are Reviewing and even show you how to Create your own images using mid-journey So you can create AI based images Without having to pay um stock photo Sites for example to create images to go On your blog and I also like the way They have a long-term game plan with This to build Authority for your website Um which can take a bit of time Especially if you’re starting with a new Domain Um Google likes to rank high Authority Websites in the search engines nowadays

It’s more skeptical on new small Websites so there’s training on how to Build Authority in the eyes of Google to Help these review posts rank better and You also get proving step-by-step case Studies of real websites that are out There doing this exact same approach so You can actually look at it and see how It works so I much prefer this training Based approach to a course than just Some software tool where you struggle to Know what to do with it and there are Some upsells out of the free upsells the One I like the look of the best is this Expired domains upsell so instead of Registering your own domain from scratch For free that’s never been used before Before you can go to for example GoDaddy Auctions and buy an a domain name which Has been used before by someone else so It will already have backlinks and more Of an authority in the eyes of Google Compared to a brand new website so it Helps you piggyback and quick start the Process by piggybacking off the Authority of these existing websites That used to be um up on Google but then Expired and you can buy them again Rejuvenate them and it will be more like You’re starting on the website with a Bit more Authority than a completely new Purchase domain name so I like the look Of the expired domains training to help Quick start the review site ranking

Process by going through the auction Approach you can also there’s also some Security WordPress plugin as part of the Upgrades and a bundle of WordPress Templates but it’s it’s the expired Domains training I think looks the best As part of the upsell sequence Anyway hopefully my ramblings on AI Affiliate Suite was of help this is more Training on how to use chat GPT to Create affiliate review sites rather Than a suite of tools for example Um for me what I do with my digital Marketing is focusing on traffic Generation and list building so whatever Methods you’re using it’s about getting Clicks to a squeeze page building your Email list and when you’ve got a list You can send out emails Um several times a day and get Guaranteed clicks to an affiliate sales Page and we when you’re enjoying the Process of getting clicks each day from Your list to an affiliate sales page Consistent sales will start to come in And it’s that consistency of list Building which really took me from Struggling online for a couple of years To get into the stage where I was Earning a full-time income on the Internet and I’ve been doing this for Over 10 years now so it’s a really cool Approach to use so if you click the link In the video description you can

Discover my current top recommended Online system to plug into right now It’s a complete done for you system and A really cool way to get started Building up that realistic online income And building up to a potential full-time Income online which I have been doing For quite a few years now which is Really cool so check out the link below For my current top recommended system Thanks again for checking out my AI Affiliate Suite review all the best and Speak soon