AI-Powered Lead Nurturing With Quinton Newman

Now we've made it so you can just give Your Bot a personality through a prompt You can give a description through your Prompt give all the you can give a Spreadsheet of questions and answers and Then it just knows how to answer Hey everyone appreciate you jumping in For another Spotlight session my name is Paulson Thomas one of the guys at high Level and what I want to do is introduce You to Quinton Newman he built a company Called Capri dot Ai and I'm just excited for this session Because I know Clinton and his team they've been Working on some really cool things and Some of you that are agency owners Entrepreneurs I think you'll find that Some of the cool progression they've had Pretty interesting um Quentin do a quick Intro for those that have never been on A call with you or even heard from Before I know we're at like 26 000 Agency owners now and you know and You're now a veteran OG in the community Now I guess I can say that yeah yeah so Um so my name is Quentin like you said This is probably like my third Spotlight Session that I've done Um so you probably see Das as our as our Company here it's developers as a Service and it's our parent company it's Where we we're Dev firm we do all kinds Of software development design project

Management everything but it stemmed From Capri AI which is what you're just Talking about and Capri AI is an Extension that we built for high level Like three years ago to be able to plug Into some type of AI provider and at the Time when we built it it was for dialog Flow so we were using it for Google's Dialogue flow CX and if you have never Heard of that Basically I don't know how nerdy I Should get on this I don't know how long You want to know feel free feel free Okay cool so basically and I talked About this on the very first Fallout Session I ever did but dialogue flow is Built around this technology called Natural language processing NLP and That's kind of becoming a hot buzzword Today because of chat GPT because that Is the work that ultimately led up to Chat gbt just it wasn't Google that you Know ultimately launched it which was Surprising nice but um but yeah so that Was where we started and with dialog Flow you have the ability to kind of map Everything out and basically you get a Bucket of intense intense you get a big Bucket of intents that says like okay This is what it means when they ask for The location address this is what it Means when they say how much does it Cost this is what it means when they say This and you can tell your Bot Hey

Whenever they say this you say this Right so it's like if this then that and It basically was like a really Advanced Way of like kind of using you know Phrase matching which is you know really How we started everything the very first Capri was just contains phrase triggers In campaigns and we just had or like or Triggers yeah we had like 100 triggers But um so that same kind of process of Like okay this part of the sentence is In here and this part of the sentence is In here and this part of the sentence is In here so they must be asking this Question because these words exist so That same kind of logic is what plays Into NLP natural language except they Just we take a much more mathematical Approach to it so instead of trying to Literally look at the letters and the Words that are in it we're taking a Summary we turn all of the letters into Numbers and then we do a bunch of math On that numbers and figure out based off Of that math which one of these intents Which one of these questions are they Most likely asking and so therefore Which one of the answers should I give Right now Clinton before we get diving into it can You provide context to exactly how this Applies to the agencies you work with Yes yes so the reason I built this yeah I should I'm going to start there so the

Reason the reason I built this in the First place is because I was and I'm Sorry let me take some Auto record all Good yeah So I was working with Um a marketing agency for dental so you Know a long time ago me and a buddy of Mine we started a dental marketing Agency Um and one of the biggest complaints That we got was that like hey the leads Just don't show up they don't answer They don't they're not good quality and So this was obviously before we found High level and we were just giving them A spreadsheet and we were just like here You got to call them like are you sure You're calling them you're sure you're Texting them they're like yes yes yes we Are 100 And so then we found high level and we Were like okay well you know now we know Like now we can for sure get their name And information from the Facebook ad Directly into an Automation and we can Start sending them messages and we'll Start that conversation for you and That's when we really saw that they just Weren't replying like people would Message back or you know they would call Or something like that and they just Would not answer like the dentist just Wouldn't answer like they were just too Busy or their front desk wasn't logged

Into the app and so they wouldn't answer And they didn't have the mobile app so We were like all right this is terrible We're losing clients like crazy and They're telling us it's because they're Telling us it's because you know we Don't have good quality leads and it's Just because they're not yeah it's just Because they're not answering like it's Just because they're not doing their job So then we hired a VA you know from the Philippines to come help us and she did Really really good and we were like okay Awesome we're keeping them longer more Appointments are converting this is Great but then it's just the the it just Doesn't scale like she quickly got Overwhelmed because the problem we ran Into is and this is really what Motivated me to build Capri was we were Like okay these clients are doing great We are charging a percentage of AD spend So we want to increase ad spend like That's obviously what we want to do Especially if we're going to do some Kind of performance model like we we Want you to spend more money on ads Obviously right so that means more leads That means more conversation traffic and It it's exponential because every month When you're doing Outreach campaigns and Reactivation campaigns you're going to All those old leads that didn't respond Before and now you're getting the new

Leads that are responding and so it's Like it just kept adding up so much that We kept having to hire va's and we're Like dude we're spending a fortune on V8 And it's not scalable right like it's if You're at the end of the day hoping that You bring in the right people you're Human-powered and it depends on their Competency depends on the ability to Train depends on creating a culture it's Just not like yeah no matter how good of A team leadership you have it doesn't Matter like it just unless you want to Run a call center right like if you want To run a call center and that's what you Want to do awesome like that's great but If you want to run an agency you don't Want to have more than one maybe two Va's because when you get five six seven Like it just becomes a logistics Nightmare and so I was like all right well how can I help Out at least a little bit you know help Out the conversation a little bit and so That's when we started doing these Automatic replies like we started doing These automatically if they say this Then you say this it says this you say This and we got to like 200 of those Triggers and we were like okay that's This is gonna get too bulky so that's When we moved to dialogflow and we found Dialog flow and we realized I was trying To find a good example of like what the

Uh you know most common one is that we Use Um Which is this and so you know dialogue Flow is just like you know hey if Somebody says yes like it is me or you Have the wrong number right and like These are based off of you got the wrong Number you got the wrong person I think You have the wrong number so these are This is like you know listing giving Intense and then saying based off of That respond to something like sorry for The confusion and then this is just a d D action that we built so that it will You know turn that person off right so You know ultimately though we want it to Lead to like the permission to book like Can we go ahead and get you scheduled For an appointment right like this is The response to when they say yes it is Whoever they think it is yeah so what We're talking about is really the Quality of lead nurturing in moving that Leap further into a place of sale right And yeah we're what we're what quintus Built here what Capri is Automating that entire process based on Intention behind the Prospect and how They're thinking about the sale right Yeah right Yeah so so that was version one and this Is not new and this is like if you go Watch the first Spotlight I did three

Years ago this is still about the same So what changed what changed is chat GPT Right so we moved we moved away from This like you know I'm gonna say this You say this I'm gonna say this you say This we moved away from that to like Here's the whole conversation what do You think is next like what's the next Thing we should say and it's more of a Fully contextual understanding and so What we moved into now is prompt Engineering and I'm sure you've heard a Lot about prompt engineering and 300 000 A year salaries for a prompt engineer And all that crazy stuff yeah yeah so The reason that's so big is because now Instead of trying to map out every Predictable path that they might go down Now we've made it so you can just give Your Bot a personality through a prompt You can give a description through your Prompt give all the you can give a Spreadsheet of questions and answers and Then it just knows how to answer it just Knows how to pull from it yeah so it's a Different level of understanding it's a Different it's a whole different type of AI now How do we apply that to the agency owner And their customers today So a couple of ways so the first thing Is like we have it answering Facebook Messages on our Facebook page right now So like when somebody finds our Facebook

Page or if they click on our chat widget They talk to our bot and our bot answers Any questions about what it is that you Guys do how does it help me how much Does it cost I need help what are the Resources like everything it's pretty Good yeah um and like I can show you This real quick so this is our new it's Like our new page Um So so screen shares so this is our new Page and like you can just log in with Google and then this is the high level Ol2 system which is really really Awesome I mean this is makes it seamless For anybody to log in as an agency Um you can it's the URL and then From here I'll choose like you know my Recruiting account And what we've built to make it easier For you to integrate and actually bring It into High level is this little third party Portal here and so we give you a cool Settings page where you can tell your Bot that it needs to be booking Appointments and this is the calendar That it needs to use And then this is where you can put the Prompt and you can tell it who it is and You can give it a really long Description yeah like you are assistant Name assistant for company name this is

What they do this is how you you know You're loading up so you're loading up As much context as you want them to Happen based on how the customers are Going to actually message you exactly Yeah so you give the story of like this Is who you are and this is what you do And then we've also given a spreadsheet So it's like now on top of that anytime You need answers to questions that they Might be asking all you gotta do is just Put it in the spreadsheet and now you Know there you go now you got an answer To exactly what you need and it doesn't Have to be word for word it's not like Dialog flow where it's you have to list A bunch of examples and give an exact Response wow this will just learn it'll Just read it and it'll just be like even If you don't ask the exact question It'll know it'll know what to say so This is really powerful like how how can Agencies get their hands on this at this Point like what what is that what is the Process to working with you yeah so it's Just yeah so you just go to click sign up and that's Where you go to this page and you get a Two-week free trial and um you'll get Taken into the portal yeah and this is Where you fill all this out and I also Have a snapshot for free that I'll link With you as well to everybody and make Sure everybody gets

Um but yeah so you can put all this Information and the really cool part That I like and this is what I think Agencies are gonna like it Is you can train it yourself so you can Come here and just be like You know hey how much would it be for You guys to build a mobile app or an IPhone or something like that I don't Know we get all kinds of messages Because this is a software development Firm so yeah we do all kinds of stuff Um And so right now it's like thinking it's Reading my spreadsheet the total cost Your mobile app will really come down to The total hours needed and the types of Developer skills needed we'll put all That together in our first initial call Would you like me to go ahead and Schedule a call yeah it feels like a Person is actually reading and telling Me and now where did this system get That answer from that FAQ doc they got It from the prompt from the FAQ Doc and It has a memory so these are memories These are me actually so what I can do Here in the emulator is if I like this Or if I don't like this answer I want to Change it a little bit let's just say I copy that whole thing put it here So it's interesting over time it'll just Be able to feel the ton of things like Oh yeah over time it becomes Almost

Human it's I mean it's gotten really Really good so yeah you can save it here Then you can click save and then now It's you know saved here and it'll come Up here under One of the memories Um and then yeah and then this is the Last feature I'm going to really brag About because I'm super proud of it we Just got it done uh Capri emulator can Now be iframed so now this is totally White labeled so now all the Functionality works the saving the Testing everything that you needed you Know normally expected to work it all Works in here and your clients can just Have it and they can train it and save It and fine tune it to how they want it To talk and stuff like that right so so You got me thinking here let me ask you A couple of scenarios and you tell me if This would make sense like let's go back To the dentist right so we know the Dentist is not going to feel much They're too busy seeing patients Appointments running around whatever You're saying we can set up this system On their website or funnel or wherever We want to house this and instead of Them Fielding their sales calls or Appointments or schedules we can train The system to handle the sale for them Oh yeah And and essentially replace their front

Desk or that human dependency that They've had yeah exactly answer Questions and you know we have it Interacting with the calendar too so Like it'll read availability on the Calendar and know what's available and What's not available Yeah and so it's super cool like so the One I was going to show is the my Favorite one that I was doing the other Day so like we have to hire developers It's like one of the most expensive Things we have to do is is talk to Developers right and so this thing has Full knowledge of a full technical Senior software developer So I created a prompt that is literally Like you're our hiring manager like you Are our technical hiring manager and This is the position That you that this person filled out for Go screen them and make sure they're Okay and like I've messaged it back and Forth uh and this actually is using Whatsapp through a third party Third-party SMS provider and it knows Like can you tell me a little bit about Your browser side Dom manipulation can You tell me your experience with node And express You know AWS or Azure so like it knows What different Cloud providers are Then graphically it just accumulates a Lot of knowledge at the end of the day

And it it is asking in a very contextual Way Yeah so we're passing the full Conversation at once so like it's no More like this message doesn't make Sense because of the rest of the Conversation isn't there the whole Conversation is all there at once plus The prompt plus the spreadsheet that's Amazing yeah so it's it's been Incredible to see like we've gotten Hundreds of agencies using this now that Are loving it and It's pretty it's pretty shocking Sometimes house the thing is so just a Quick question on this whole component For an agency how can an agency Create a revenue stream from this like How do they offer this as a package have You do you know much about the sales Component of it like how are they making Money off of this For the most part it's been pretty Straightforward it's just like hey this Is a new feature if you want access to It you gotta upgrade to this much per Month now and like once you upgrade you Know and they just add however much they Want to there basically Um so yeah that's yeah I haven't seen Anybody get too creative with like Rebuilding it on a usage basis yet that Is on our roadmap though we do want to Be able to have you have the ability to

Rebuild your own clients for their usage Um but open AI is very restrictive on Their API limits right now and we use a Lot of tokens so we use about 2 000 or About 2500 tokens per inbound request Um which for those of you wondering how Much that costs about .004 for that for 2500 tokens so it's not anything crazy Yeah but you know it can add up if you Don't watch it yeah but you are seeing Agencies monetize off of this pretty Clearly and saspreneurs jumping in as Probably an upgrade feature expansion Offer things like that yeah they're Using it as a lead magnet too to nurture Their own leads like they're like hey Interact with our sales bot like talk to Them and it can come up with its own Description of everything you need to do Like Yeah you know like let me ask you this Looking back three four years ago where High level was to where it is today can You imagine agencies still providing Marketing services like it just makes so Much sense to just go Tech and SAS like why why yeah like why Why do they why do you think they still Can't make a decision when we know SAS Makes sense in the long run we know that Turn on SAS is like very minimal right Like what do you think is agencies are Thinking like what's the hump that they Should get people I think people are

Scared to tell people no and you're on Your own because like the thing about Doing a SAS program is you have there Has to be like Uh some kind of willingness on your Users part to do something you know like They have to be willing to use the tool The tool is not useful if they don't use It so that requires you to be very Upfront and set expectations and be like Hey look this is what I do this is what I do not do if you want me to do that do Not do stuff you got to pay me a whole Lot more but if you like the tool and You like what it's capable of it'll do Wonders for you and you become a tools Specialist like I don't really get on I Mean I get on a lot of calls for Capri But I don't really go into people's Accounts and do stuff for them because Even though I could and I could do it a Lot better and a lot faster and you know I would probably give a lot higher Success rate In the end my true goal is to have mass Widespread adoption right and so that Doesn't really happen if I go out of my Way to get into the account of every Single person just like it doesn't work If you get into the ads manager of every Single you know client that you work With right like if you're in their ads Manager all day and even if you're in Your own ads manager all day it still

Doesn't make sense yeah You're selling time at the end yeah yeah And that's really that's really the Problem is like before With traditional marketing agencies it's Like software as a service wasn't really An option because software was kind of Simple you know like it you had to be Pretty technical but now it's more so You just have to be good at following Instructions and the service providers Has to be really good at providing Instructions and that's why it's really Important to you know have a really good Support side like again set boundaries Like you're not you don't need to be in People's accounts all the time doing Stuff but you need to be have like two To three calls a week that are group Calls and like have a premium support Option that you white label through People like Matt diseno or bayonet with Extend Lee like you know like there's Tons of options out there but mostly it Comes down to people don't want to say No and I know because I've been that Person a lot yeah absolutely Um anything else you want to share I Know uh it was kind of a you know Um Unstructured unplanned like interaction Between us I'm just going through and Just having a normal conversation with You but anything you want to share

Um no I mean the biggest thing is Um shoot I don't know there's a ton of Things I can talk about I would say like you know tell yours Like with prompting look into prompting A lot and understand that the bot was Trained on stories like it was trained On articles and so that's what it best Knows how to understand and so like when You tell your prompt you can't just flat Out give it instructions you have to get Really good at telling a story of what It is that you do and a perfect example Is this last weekend I just went to Jeff Miller's uh event in Miami he just had a This past Friday and Saturday he had a Really good intensive down in Miami at His at his place And um he was I was asking I was like do You like gpt3 gpt4 how do you like it Have you used it and he was like meh you Know I I can't it doesn't really do what I needed to do for me like I think it's Cool but I'd rather just do it myself And so I was like oh that's interesting Because he's definitely somebody whose Opinion I respect for sure like he's a Big deal and I was like okay that's Interesting and then like halfway Through his Workshop he went over and Exercised for how to generate like you Know ideas for ads and for sales and Marketing and stuff and like it starts Out with like a title that is specific

To your business and then you just fill It in and so I was like hey Jeff look Look I just put this up here And look what it just did and it just Generated the perfectly and he was like Oh so it's more so like it's not gonna Just do everything for you you still Have to do the critical thinking but Then it's like take that output from That critical thinking and put it into Something like Chad GPT and just let it Do its thing yeah I mean I I've known Jeff for many years someone I definitely Respect in the agency game and when it Comes to chat GPT like I like the Structure it starts me with like if I if I if I instead of me coming up with like An idea it can give me a structure to an Idea that I can start like I always like To get a starting feel from it even if I'm writing like a blog or right putting Together an ad or figuring out like Messaging or whatever like I like to Still go through and figure out what are Some starting ideas and yeah yeah like You said it doesn't do the critical Thinking for you but it just provides a Lot of structure and a lot of times as Some some subjects some topics are just Out of the Wheelhouse you know like you Just don't know about it and you have to Be dependent but I I love it actually Like it's uh and you know me I'm not the Tech wizard in high level but like this

Is some really cool territories now that We're entering to as a marketing agency Um but Quentin any any lastings Um how can people is there the link is Capri AI dot us that's the one okay Capri AI dot us and then someone for That there but then also the one that There's a free snapshot oh yeah uh Capri slash gpt3 yeah Um we have a snapshot that you can Download and it brings in the workflow And everything and it brings it has like A full walkthrough everything we just Talked about so yeah definitely yeah Definitely check that out well uh one Last thing I'll ask you Um are you coming to the conference this Year in October I guess so you guys got Me I'm in the spot here I guess I'm Gonna end up having to go I loved I had A great time last year so I'll go again Well I know that's where we met in Person so I just think about it randomly But for those of you that are watching This Spotlight session for the first Time you can get a 14-day trial you can Check out Clinton's stuff in the Description and we can go from there but Have a good rest of your afternoon Everybody Um or and Quentin thanks for jumping in On another Spotlight session quinton's Really a common name in our ecosystem Like everybody knows who Quinn Newman is

Uh he doesn't need a special Introduction but we appreciate Everything you do for our world and your Customers and things are on High level Um have a good rest of your afternoon Appreciate it man awesome all right okay Take care I'll be in touch all right Foreign