API v2 Updates!

Hey happy Friday everybody Sean coming At you from high levels so give it a Little bit of love to the developer Community my you know my I'd like to say My my Engineers just like me so anyways Uh we've got some great API updates out Out so if you are not interested in the API just close this video turn your Brain off whatever you want to do but if You are talking if you use the API I Want to use the API even want to know What the API is in fact let's talk about That so first up we have an API do you Know that what's an API it allows you to Move data in and out of the system Um programmatically using Code so that's What an API is for go to Developersplural dot go high level.com To get access to it to register for it Now got that out of the way let's talk About the updates so CRM Marketplace Team is excited to announce we have Rolled out exciting new features and Upgrades to the V2 API that's right so Of course ah quick note we have a V1 API And a V2 API V1 equals old no longer Supported mothball going away in six to Nine months so heads up if you're on the V1 move on over to B2 baby because That's where all the new stuff is gonna Happen so V2 snapshots API you can now Fetch all of the own and imported type Of snapshots related to a company now of Course uh you can see here we've got uh

This is the documentation that you can Get to from the Developers.gohighlevel.com uh uh website Link and so all of this that I'm talking About right here is beautifully Documented uh right here so you can take A look when you get a chance but um now That snapshots API has those additions Load snapshot via a location post and Location put API calls that means you Can create a location and uh do it with A Snapchat or you can push a snapshot Into a location uh that's already in Existence that's amazing Um oauth token you'll be able to receive The location ID and hashed Company ID When generating a sub account access Token you'll be able to receive the Company ID when generating an agency Access token that uh just wasn't on the Return path prior great update there Other API changes Company ID this is a Required field in the location post and Put API calls when accessing via the Agency access token and coming soon Another step closer to API 2.0 and Moving away from api.1.0 the last piece Of this puzzle is the ability to access The locations from the agency level and That is coming soon so huge props to the Team here obviously beautiful uh Documentation that we have uh ready for You I'm just trying to point out some of The additions there um that I just

Mentioned and so huge props to the team For getting that done very proud of them And on that note I hope you're having an Awesome Friday and again Developers.ohivele.com and we'll talk Soon thanks