Automating Appointments To Boost Conversions using Keap CRM

Learn how to automate your appointments to be conversion rates and increase your productivity.
Link to your google calendar or outlook calendar and then automate every aspect of appointments including bookings, rescheduling, cancellation, and follow ups.
Save time by no longer playing phone or email tag trying to arrange an appointment date/time with your leads.

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The Benefits of Parallax Scrolling Web Design

What does Parallax Scrolling mean? Parallax scrolling is a sort of web style where various components of a web site relocation at various rates.

Don’t Let Your Website Turn Into a Zombie!

We’ve all review the tales as well as seen the movies, but would you find a zombie armageddon if it were staring you right in the face? Suppose it was taking place now, on your site? Unsightly, less competent and inaccessible? Yep, you presumed it, that’s a zombie web site.