Best Click Funnels Alternative 2021 [Clickfunnels vs HBA Funnel Builder] | Mike Hobbs

My recommendation for the best clickfunnels alternative is the HBA Funnel Builder. Check it out here:

There have been quite a few sales funnel software programs and clickfunnels competitors popping up since they launched their company. I’ve used many cheap clickfunnels alternatives out there, and by far the best alternative to clickfunnels in 2021 that I have found is the HBA Funnel Builder.

When you look at Click Funnels vs HBA Funnel Builder in terms of quality I feel they are on the same level and in some cases HBA wins and other cases Click funnels wins.

When you can create the same quality sales funnels, membership sites, lead capture pages, product pages etc then why pay 4 times more cost for that!

So the clear winner of price is the HBA Funnel Builder coming in at $25/month vs clickfunnels $97/month…

And the clear winner of the affiliate program is the 80% residual payout with the HBA Funnel Builder $20/residuals on $25 sale vs the 20% clickfunnels $20/residuals on $97 sale…

So in my opinion HBA Funnel Builder is a SUPER HIGH quality and cheap alternative to clickfunnels when it comes to price, and the affiliate program is icing on the cake.

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0:00 – Click Funnels Alternative Intro
1:11 – Alternative is the HBA Funnel Builder
1:29 – Clickfunnels review on Pricing
2:19 – HBA Funnel Builder Pricing
3:52 – Comparing Membership Sites
6:16 – Comparing The Funnel Builder
8:00 – HBA Funnel Builder Templates
9:29 – Application Integration Comparison
10:39 – Affiliate Program Comparison
11:08 – Click Funnels Affiliate Program
11:56 – HBA Funnel Builder Affiliate Program

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Here is a click funnels tutorial I did in 2014 showing you how I built lead capture pages and bridge pages inside of clickfunnels, showing you that I did in fact use this tool for my business prior to using the HBA Funnel Builder:

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