Blog Categories Element Added to the Funnel Website Builder!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level today is an Amazing day is it not we are pumping out The features and let's keep on rolling Here so check this out brand new feature Blog navigation and search that's right Okay so let's kind of walk this down so First of all we have blogging so those You didn't know we have vlogging it's Amazing check it out to the help talks You can create a blog in high level and That's fantastic but today it gets even Better because we've added a new element In the funnel Builder uh called category Navigation so from now on users can use This element to view the blogs based on The category they selected so added the Navigation element can be added by Selecting nav item using the model uh Ref fifth screenshot we can edit the Navigation item etc etc also search We've added the ability to search for uh Search and blogs the search results will Appear based on the search term Obviously and selected category if any Um and uh so forth and so on so once the Page is built in the preview by the Fight all by default all blogs will Appear you click the category blogs will Belong to that category will appear and The search bar can then be used Etc so Why do we need this right in the home Page of all the blogs are listed it's Hard to figure out which blog comes

Under which category right so hence this Can be solved by adding category Navigation so all that to say uh here's What it looks like right so in the if You go in the funnel Builder or the Website builder you will have you had Blog post lists but now you also have Category navigation so when you drag and Drop that in what you're going to get is You're gonna get this right so you're Gonna get the uh you can see up here You're gonna get the categories and You're gonna also be able to do the Search Um and then here if you hit that if you Click that category you're going to jump Into anybody any of the blog articles That are in that category obviously Um and see those and then uh over here You can see kind of how the nav Maps out You can see here how you can actually Customize uh the navigation as well uh And then over here so you can see kind Of how this all lines up nicely in the Funnel Builder and you can see right There include search bar or you can Disable it obviously if you want to Um and then that's of course what it Would look like without the uh without The search enabled there we go so Anyways um so I think this is really Awesome because this is something people Have asked for a really long time and I Love that they made an element because

Of course now you can do all the other Things you can do with a funnel element As far as customization and CSS and Colors and fonts and everything else you Can make it look the way you want it to Look so I think the team did just such a Fantastic job there so now if you want To see more about blogs like I said There are help docs so we go to and then once you Get in here you can just search blogs And then we'll have a whole help section On that Um so blog and then you can see like you Know how to schedule it getting started With it all that awesome stuff and also Be an article in here about the new Category navigation as well so anyways Huge prompts to the team for making that Happen and I will see you in the next Video thanks