Blog RSS Feed Enhancement Live!

Hey happy Monday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so this is a Small But Mighty update so for those of You who didn't know this uh we had so we Have blog RSS feed so okay let's let's Try to back this up so did you know you Could do blogs with high level if you Didn't yes we can so go check the Helpdocs look at blogs and You'll be amazed oh and by the way did You know that we have full email uh uh Marketing capabilities yes we do awesome Go check that out same deal awesome That's great but let's talk about this Blog release enhancement so earlier we Can kind of sort of see this over here On the right hand side earlier blog RSS Was not supporting the full content so So okay let's so okay first of all RSS Okay so RSS is like a feed and basically The idea is that like let's say if You're like a bunch of blog entries you Can create like a feed around it so that You can like um and in this case what You can do okay this is the thing that's Killer so in the email Builder you can Schedule an email to automatically go Out and basically send out any of the New blog entries that you've put in so This idea would be like let's to say I Want to create a Weekly Newsletter Sean With automatically goes on to all my Subscribers and I wanted to Automatically pull in all the blog

Entries that were uh that I've written In the last week right we can do that We've been able to do this for a while Also in the help docs go check it out But what if you said but hold on Sean When the email goes out I want the Entire contents of the it seems crazy But the entire contents of the blog in The email because maybe you don't write That many or maybe just like super long Emails who knows you can now do this With the RSS item dot content full in The email now you can see right here it Says load blog content in the RSS feed You can check that box and when you do That what will happen is the load Constants will be true in the RSS feed Now a couple things a this RSS feed is Global so if you don't use our email and Marketing you can still use it anywhere You want but then inside our actual Email Builder there is the ability to Choose Rss.con item dot content full and it'll Also spit it out in that email Builder As well so this idea is kind of two-fold A it's it's definitely something you can Use in an email and it's also a generic RSS feed enhancement because some people Use it in other places as well other Than outside of email so RSS is a bit Outside of scope on this video I would Google RSS if you don't know what it is It's just essentially though a way to

Sort of feed sort of content in this Case blog content out to other systems In a simple way that's just sort of Standardized and easily consumable and That kind of kind of thing so anyways That's a lot of information but this This enhancement is very cool um and for Those who didn't know about those other Things I just wanted to make sure you Knew so anyways I hope you're having an Amazing Monday and we will talk to you Soon thanks