Boost Your Social Media Strategies with Instagram Stories now Available on Social Planner

Boost Your Social Media Strategies with Instagram Stories Now Available on Social Planner


Social media is an instrumental tool when it comes to promoting your business. Utilizing various social media platforms can help you increase brand awareness, reach potential customers, and engage with your existing ones. Instagram stories have become an increasingly popular way for businesses to promote their products, services, and brand. And now, the Social Planner is introducing Instagram stories to its platform, making it easier than ever for businesses to incorporate this essential feature into their social media strategy.

Here are some important things to know about this new feature:

Select the Instagram Professional Account

To access the Instagram stories feature on Social Planner, users need to switch to an Instagram Professional account. This will allow Social Planner to connect with the user’s Instagram account, making the story feature available for use. If you don’t have an Instagram Professional account, don’t worry, it’s easy to upgrade.

Choose Images or Videos from Your Instagram Media Library

Once you have switched to an Instagram Professional account, you can start creating Instagram stories on Social Planner. The feature only allows users to select media from their Instagram media library. You can select up to 10 images or videos per story, making it easy to create engaging and dynamic stories to promote your business.

Schedule or Send for Approval

Users can schedule Instagram stories to be published at a specific time and date or send them for approval as usual. This feature makes it easy to plan, manage, and optimize your social media content. You have the flexibility to create Instagram stories that align with your business goals and publish them at the right time for maximum impact.

Instagram Server Does Not Support Captions

It’s important to note that the Instagram server does not support captions. Therefore, any text you include in your Instagram story on Social Planner will not be visible on Instagram. However, the story will still be displayed with the selected images or videos and can be viewed by Instagram users.

Help Article Available

If you need more information about this new feature, a help article is available to guide you through the process of creating Instagram stories on Social Planner. You can access this article by clicking on the Help icon, located on the Social Planner’s dashboard.

How to Access Instagram Stories on Social Planner

To access the feature, navigate to Marketing > Social > Social Planner on the Social Planner platform and select Instagram from the list of social media platforms. This will take you to the Instagram stories feature, where you can start creating your story content.

Narrator Encourages Viewers to Try Out the New Feature

In conclusion, the introduction of Instagram stories on Social Planner provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to boost their social media strategies. Utilizing Instagram stories can help increase brand awareness, engage with existing customers, and reach potential ones. So, why not try out this new feature and see how it can benefit your business?

Don’t hesitate to switch to an Instagram Professional account and start creating engaging Instagram stories on Social Planner today!