Brand New Updates Result in Postponement of Content Army AI Contest!

Brand new updates have led to the postponement of the Content Army AI Contest. With these recent developments, participants and eager contestants will need to exercise patience as they await further information. This decision, motivated by the desire to deliver an enhanced experience, underscores the commitment to excellence in this gripping competition. Stay tuned for the updates and prepare to witness the remarkable advancements that will shape the future of AI in content creation.

Brand New Updates Result in Postponement of Content Army AI Contest!


In an exciting turn of events, Content Army has recently announced the temporary suspension of Contest #14 – Video – How To Train The Conversation AI Bot Using Web URLs. The reason behind this decision lies in the unveiling of two remarkable updates for their Conversation AI. These updates bring exciting new features to enhance user experience and allow for better training of the AI. As a result, the company has opted to postpone the ongoing contest until all updates have been implemented successfully. In this article, we will explore the details of these updates and their implications for the future of Conversation AI.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: A User’s Verdict

The first update that has been introduced by Content Army enables users to provide feedback on the AI’s responses through a thumbs up or thumbs down system. This system allows users to rate the accuracy and usefulness of the AI’s generated content. By offering this feedback, users actively contribute to the refinement and enhancement of the system by helping it learn from its mistakes. This feedback loop ensures that the AI continually improves its responses based on user evaluations. It empowers users to have a greater say in shaping the Conversation AI’s behavior and content generation.

A Shift in Settings: The Decoupling of Booking Feature

The second update introduced by Content Army involves the decoupling of the booking feature from the main settings and moving it to the training section. This change allows users to activate the booking piece of the AI separately, creating an AI that can behave like an FAQ-minded assistant. By separating the booking feature in this way, users have more control over the AI’s behavior and the type of assistance it provides. This update paves the way for a more personalized and effective AI experience, catering to individual needs and preferences.

An Upgrade in UI: Shifting Gears

Alongside the aforementioned updates, Content Army also plans to enhance the user interface (UI) of the Conversation AI. The UI will undergo some shifting to accommodate the new features and improvements brought about by the updates. This will ensure that users can seamlessly navigate through the AI’s functionalities and utilize them to their full potential. The revamped UI aims to provide a user-friendly and intuitive experience, making the interaction with the AI a smooth and enjoyable process.

Training on the Fly: Unleashing the Power of Web URLs

One of the most significant updates introduced by Content Army is the ability to train the Conversation AI on the fly using web URLs. This breakthrough feature allows users to feed the AI with real-time data from web pages, helping it learn and adapt to current trends and information. By leveraging web URLs, users can ensure that the AI remains up-to-date and captures the latest developments in various industries. This update amplifies the AI’s capabilities and makes it an even more valuable tool for content creation and research purposes.

Contest Postponement: An Opportunity for Improvement

In light of these brand new updates, Content Army has made the decision to postpone Contest #14 – Video – How To Train The Conversation AI Bot Using Web URLs. The postponement is a strategic move by the company to ensure that all participants have access to the latest features and functionalities of the AI. By allowing contestants to utilize the full potential of the updated Conversation AI, Content Army aims to level the playing field and offer equal opportunities for all participants. The temporary suspension of the contest demonstrates Content Army’s commitment to fairness and maximizing the potential of their AI technology.


Content Army’s recent updates have brought a wave of excitement and promise to the Conversation AI platform. The ability to provide feedback through thumbs up and thumbs down, the decoupling of the booking feature, the enhanced user interface, and the power of training the AI using web URLs represent significant improvements in the system’s capabilities. These updates demonstrate Content Army’s dedication to ongoing improvement and their responsiveness to user needs. While the postponement of Contest #14 may delay the competition, it ensures that all participants can take advantage of the latest updates for a fair and improved contest experience.


  1. When will Contest #14 resume?

    • Content Army has yet to announce the exact date for the resumption of Contest #14. However, it will be after all the updates have been successfully implemented.
  2. Can users still access the previous version of the Conversation AI?

    • No, the previous version of the Conversation AI will be phased out as users transition to the updated version with enhanced features.
  3. How can users activate the booking feature of the AI separately?

    • Users can activate the booking feature separately by accessing the training section of the AI platform and enabling the specific functionality.
  4. Will the AI’s responses be influenced by thumbs up and thumbs down ratings?

    • Yes, the AI will utilize the feedback provided through thumbs up and thumbs down ratings to improve its responses and refine its content generation.
  5. Can users train the AI on specific topics using web URLs?

    • Yes, users can train the AI on specific topics by feeding it with web URLs relevant to those topics, allowing the AI to gather and adapt to real-time information.