Clear Custom Field Action Live!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so if you've Watched every video today I say you Deserve a prize a good job it has been a Big day for videos but you know what That just means it's a lot of releases And I'm sorry you have to listen to me So much but too bad it's amazing so Anyways on that note um last but Certainly not least ladies and gentlemen A workflow update for you clear custom Fields in the update contact field Action that's right so a little complex There maybe for some people basically It's the idea that in the workflow Builder uh you can actually when you uh You can update a contact and you gotta Update lots of things but what you now Also do is you can clear custom Fields That's right so users will be able to Select between the update field data and The clear field data option so obviously Update that's the default Behavior right But clear also means you can clear it Out right so this new Option users will Be able to clear custom Fields saving Them as empty it is enabled only for Custom Fields right now because of the API limitations but the point here is That this for anybody who I don't know Let's say you're like trying to keep Track of something so for example like Something simple like let's say like uh Uh like did have annual uh inspection

Right and so let's say uh today is like Uh you know like you come in and it's Like did China's annual inspections like False right something's like okay I need To put them in the workflow to get him To book one of his annual inspection so Book standing inspection uh the Inspection date comes up um the animal Inspection annual inspection happens and Let's say there's something off the Workflow where you like trigger that Like send a review or whatever it might Be but as part of that you now clear That custom field because it's like Sean Did not have his uh you know he false He's not you know he hasn't has an Annual inspection and then we're also Going to update the custom field next Annual inspection date is blah like you Know a year in advance and what does That what is that done for us then you Loop me back around in that same Workflow using a go to by the way Um and what ends up happening is you're Putting me in this beautiful spiraling Loop of me booking my annual inspection Having it and then whoop getting it Ready to go for the next year and saying Hey wait till you know whatever 30 days Out 60 days out start showing through This workflow again and now we're asking Him to do annual inspection again so Anyways awesome options it's just a very Elongated version of how one would use

It but it's also kind of a killer Version because how many businesses do Annual inspections like I know a lot of HVAC people will do it are Plumbing People that kind of thing Um HVAC can get you back out there Looking at your heater and all that and Then you know that's kind of how things How things work so anyways on that note Hopefully I gave you a little more Information and uh just heads up if you Wanted to actually read that and not Just listen to me Spiel it at you you Can go to and search update Contact field and you will find this Beautiful article that was well written And has all kinds of good screenshots And examples and so forth that will walk You through this in even more detail so On that note I hope all of you are Having an awesome Tuesday and I gotta Tell you we have some amazing more Updates to come this week so we will Talk soon thanks