Clear custom fields on workflows + bug fixes!

Hey happy Tuesday everybody Sean coming At you from high level so uh quick Workflow updates there's some bug fixes So if you look at my screen right here You can see go to Loop detection if else Conditions actions that uh that will now Ignore Global Windows go ahead and pause If you want to know what those are uh And then way down here I'm gonna get to This really cool update here in a second In the next video but um Eric did an Awesome job here and I don't know if you Saw this but last week we added the Ability to clear uh contact Fields but Guess what you can now Um on the update contact field action You can also now clear custom field Uh Custom fields which wasn't live last Week but now has been added and then Also a quick Shopify trigger fix so Anyways on that note I hope you're Having an awesome Tuesday and I will see You in the next video thanks