Customizable 404 Pages Now Live!

Hey happy Tuesday night everybody Sean Coming at you from high level so oh my Goodness today flew by like you wouldn't Believe so I apologize I did not get uh To the videos I wanted to get to today So I'm going to get this one out and I I Promise tomorrow you're gonna get a ton So Um heads up today I'm really excited on The funnels team to announce Customizable 404 pages are now live and I wanted to note this um the second most Voted item for funnels and websites so This is huge so here's the deal what's New with the new customizable 404 page You can now create a custom webpage that Will display to your users when they had A counter an error page right we've all Seen a 404 but now you can create your Own right previously the 404 page was Sort of the default now you can create a New one perfect awesome okay how it Works setting up your 404 page can Provide you better user experience Um it's pretty straightforward basically Uh what you do is you navigate to The Domain settings and edit the domain and Uh boom it works so let's take a look Here so when you go to The Domain uh Settings page which has been there now Forever there's now a new Option you can See right here set default 404 error Page right and then from there of course When you if you edit it obviously you

Can choose that right and then you can Choose what the page is and look you can Make it look cool like this right so That's pretty easy pretty Straightforward I'm gonna link this out Um just so everybody can see here are The release notes that you can get to in The top right hand corner of the app you Can hit the little speaker Um I don't know uh whatever it's called Megaphone button and you can get the Release so it's that way or you can go To and click Change log either way here you go uh and You can see exactly how it all works and And it's perfect simple and yet second Most voted idea super happy that we're Able to ship it hope all of you are Having a good Tuesday evening if you are Somewhere in the US or maybe even a Wednesday morning someplace else who Knows so on that note I hope all of you Had an amazing Tuesday and I will see You tomorrow thanks