Discover the Latest and Exciting Invoicing Updates!

Invoicing is an essential process for any business that wants to keep track of its finances, manage cash flow, and ensure that customers are paying on time. However, invoicing can also be a time-consuming and tedious task that many entrepreneurs and small business owners often dread. To eliminate the hassle and make invoicing less stressful, High Level has introduced several updates that are sure to excite you. Let’s explore these new updates and how they can benefit you and your business.

High Level Has New Releases for You to Check Out
High Level has brought several new features to its invoicing and billing module, making it easier for businesses to manage their finances. These new releases include custom values in invoicing, custom business information, and due date settings, and the ability to display business logos on every invoice.

Custom Values In Invoicing Make It Easier to Set Up
The new custom values feature in High Level’s invoicing module has made it easier for businesses to create their invoices. Custom values give business owners the flexibility to apply custom pricing and values to their invoices, specific to their business. This feature also allows you to indicate what services or products are included in each invoice item, adding transparency to your itemization.

Now You Can Define Custom Business Information and Due Date Settings for Invoices
Custom business information and due date settings give you control over how information is displayed on your invoices. You can specify the necessary details, such as contact information, legal tax ID, and payment terms, enabling you to create a professional and clear invoice. With custom due date settings, you can define specific terms to ensure that customers pay on time. For instance, you can put in place a 14-day payment period to help track cash flows and boost your business standing.

Business Logos Can Appear on Every Invoice
A professional logo is an important aspect of any brand identity. High Level’s latest update lets businesses add their logo to every invoice to showcase their professional brand image. The logo prominently shows up on every invoice, lending a sense of credibility and trust, helping to build a positive first impression and trust.

More Invoice Enhancements
Invoicing is a complicated task that businesses must take seriously, but the new updates in High level’s platform make this task simpler. High Level’s invoicing update includes several enhancements, including custom values and custom fields. Custom fields enable users to input legal tax information or condition information on invoices, providing customers and business owners with an all-inclusive view of every invoice transaction.

Custom Fields Can Contain Tax Information or Condition Information
Custom fields are an important feature of High Level’s invoicing module, enabling users to add tax information and condition information for customers. You can specify specific tax rates or state tax codes for every product or service, making billing more transparent for customers and encouraging them to pay their bills on time.

An Open Editor Allows for Customization of the Invoice Title and Terms
High Level’s open editor makes it easy to customize your invoice’s title and terms. You can create your terms according to your business needs and expectations, making it easier for customers to understand your payment requirements.

All Updates Are Covered in the Change Log on
If you want to stay up-to-date with High Level’s invoicing module, then the change log on is the place to be. You can check out all the latest updates in the invoicing system, allowing you to stay informed about every change, enhancement, and update.

Invoicing is an important aspect of business management, and High Level’s latest invoicing updates make an otherwise cumbersome task easy to navigate. Whether it’s custom values, custom fields, or custom due date settings, High Level’s new updates make invoicing more manageable and less time-consuming. By utilizing the platform’s new features, businesses can create professional and accurate invoices, capture important data, and stay on top of their finances. So why not give High Level’s invoicing module a try, it may very well make invoicing less of a hassle and more of a joy.