Enhance Your Forms and Surveys with Multi-File Upload Capability


Are you tired of limited file upload capabilities on your forms and surveys? If so, get ready to enhance your data collection experience with multi-file upload capability. This game-changing feature will revolutionize the way you gather information, making it easier than ever to manage and export files. In this article, we will explore the benefits of this enhanced capability and how it can improve your forms and surveys.

Enhanced capabilities for file uploads

With the introduction of multi-file upload capability, collecting and managing files has never been easier. Here are some of the exciting new features that come with this enhancement:

  1. Individual file deletion: Say goodbye to the hassle of deleting entire uploads just to remove a single file. Now, you can easily delete individual files without affecting the entire submission. This level of control allows you to keep your data organized and remove any unnecessary or sensitive files effortlessly.

  2. Expanded support for CSV exports with individual file links: Need to export your collected data? No problem! The enhanced file upload functionality enables you to export your data in CSV format with individual file links. This means that you can easily access and share specific files associated with each submission, making it more convenient for further analysis or sharing with colleagues.

New forms and surveys feature alert: Improved file upload functionality

In response to user feedback, we have listened and made significant improvements to our file upload functionality. With this new feature, you can enjoy seamless data collection and file management all in one place. Whether you are gathering files for research, customer feedback, or any other purpose, our enhanced capability ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.

Easily manage and export files with the new file upload enhancements

The upgraded file upload enhancements allow you to save time and effort in managing and exporting files. Here’s how it works:

  1. Effortless file organization: With individual file deletion, you can easily remove any unnecessary or sensitive files without affecting the rest of your submission. This streamlines the data management process and keeps your files neatly organized.

  2. Convenient data export: When it comes to exporting your collected data, the new file upload enhancements have got you covered. The expanded support for CSV exports with individual file links means you can access and share specific files associated with each submission effortlessly.

  3. Improved collaboration: The ability to share individual file links with colleagues makes collaboration and reviewing files a breeze. No more digging through folders or searching for specific files. Everything you need is just a click away.

In conclusion, enhancing your forms and surveys with multi-file upload capability brings a range of benefits. From individual file deletion to expanded support for CSV exports with individual file links, you can now easily manage and export your files. Embrace these new features and enjoy a more efficient and streamlined data collection experience. Upgrade your forms and surveys today for enhanced file upload functionality!

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